Spotbros Continues to Grow and Reaches The Million of Users

Spotbros continues to grow slowly, trying to offer new features at a leisurely pace, but constant. And does not seem to fare too badly, since a couple of days that they have managed to overcome the barrier of the million users, a number that is not nothing bad if we believe that it takes more than one year available and that it left beta four months ago.

Spotbros has always been presented as a communication medium safe and encrypted, very focused in the corporate world, where these factors are key. Still, they continue to offer other more focused on the communication services, such as the SBMails and the function of shout, in addition to applications that launched recently.

To celebrate they have decided to publish an infographic with your most interesting data. So far Spotbros users have posted a total of 50 million messages, a total of 350,000 files and crado have 45,000 spot, of which the recent search of spots will be taken to find new groups.

As you might expect, the country with the most users of Spotbros is Spain, because there they have 71% of users. Mexico, still 14% of users, Venezuela, with 8.2%, with 4% Colombia and United States 2.8%. As the most widely used operating system, Android is a clear winner with a 71% share, although it can be explained with that has always been available for Android from the own beta.