Specifications of The Samsung Galaxy S II for Us (Updated)

We have a time talking about could be the version of the Samsung Galaxy S II for the market of USA, already that there not yet had started to market officially. In addition, as it is usual with U.S. carriers, each tends to modify some technical aspects of the terminal, as well as the finish of its outer casing and the name change.

A few days ago we showed you the official advertising of the 3 operators (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT & T) that they had sponsored this terminal to be sold to customers, but not yet had complete data. Last night, was the official presentation and they have gradually appeared photos more precise and the list of specifications. As you can see, the 3 models are different, with slight nuances in the curves of your exterior finish, but also in some of its specifications.

The 3 models Of Samsung Galaxy S II for the U.S. shared specifications techniques, rather obvious, because nor is it ask for a completely different terminal, which would involve a longer-term development. Come up with a common list of specifications:

  • Todos* they will be a Samsung Exynos dual core processor 1.2 GHz.
  • The screen on the 3 models will be Super AMOLED Plus.
  • The rear camera 8MPx with LED flash, capable of recording Full HD format video is 1080 p. The front camera is 2MPx.
  • It comes with 16 GB of internal storage, something that is becoming common in this brand, but also with the possibility of reaching more via microSD connector.
  • Video HDMI output to Full HD 1080 p.
  • Connectivity will be 4G, but with variations according to the operator.

Samsung Galaxy S T-Mobile II

T-Mobile requested a Galaxy S II Finish metallic later, or that we could discover a few weeks ago with some stolen photos. Finally has been, differentiating its terminal from the rest thanks to its back cover with metallic finish and the display of 4.52 inches. In terminal photos already in the street can be distinguished as its forms mimic the Samsung Nexus S from Google.

Samsung Galaxy S II from AT & T

AT & T It was rumored that he had also requested a Samsung Galaxy S II but with keyboard slider, although from that Rumor still has not been confirmed or debunked anything. It may be a later version for a more specific audience, since other operators have also asked for its catalogue terminals of other manufacturers with keyboard slider. This time the screen will be of 4.3 inch and its 4G connection will be HSPA +. To feed all you will use a 1650mAh battery. At the moment, the official version filed yesterday looks with these photos:

Samsung Galaxy S Sprint II

Sprint He has followed a typical hobby of the US telcos, calling Samsung Epic 4G Touch to its version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Your screen will be of 4.52 inches, led for notifications. You will enjoy the speed of their 4G WiMax type connection and Yes will include the NFC connection omitted in the international version.

We can also see a video made by Android Central during the official presentation.

Very interesting as each operator has its details to differentiate themselves from the other. We don’t know if any of these models will eventually reaching Europe, but must take into account that Samsung has already recently presented another Galaxy S II version LTE with screen of 4.5 inch and the typical Start button, It should be the model that would renew the international version short to medium term. However, jobs to choose from, to my I like the finish of T-Mobile, and you?

UPDATE: Today, 12 September, via pocketnow.com we have been able to find out which T-Mobile, At last, will not include the Samsung Exymos processor in your version of the Galaxy S II. At the moment the battle by hitting what is between the processor NVIDIA Tegra 2 or the Qualcomm Snapdragon. We will update the information with the final specification.