Sommarklassikern-Panama Hat

Male headgear associated the most summer with baseballkepsar but few if any product beats Panama Hat when it comes to classic elegance. With an impressive craftsmanship and materials of the highest quality, it is an investment for not only this summer but for decades to come. It’s hard as a young man to wear the top hat in today’s society so be it but a model with the right size and brim for you as the carrier makes all the difference.

Panama Hat originates originally from Ecuador but was given its name when it was sold to the transit of Panama Canal. The model goes back as long as 1800 century and became very popular during the American gold rush where thousands of gold miners traveled to California via Panama and where the hats were sold as protection against the strong sun.

Panama Hat has major feature is its light weight, breathability, and the model can be rolled together without damage. The bright, off-white shade fits excellently with both this summer’s tailored suits in linen or cotton, but also more casual attire.

One of the major advantages of this particular Panama Hat is that it only gets better looking with age. When the hat is brand new, it is often perfectly shaped which can be svårburet but after the time when the hat molds to the wearer’s head and get a use the flair often feels more easy and natural.

The finest Panama hats called Montecristis; named after the town of Montecristi, where they are produced. These are graded by quality and how finely woven and the finest examples can have a fabric with up to 1600-2500 bindings per square inch. These are so thin and supple woven that they are waterproof and when they rolled together, they can pass through a wedding ring.

Panama hats are still a major industry in Ecuador, but there are as few as a dozen manufacturers left that can still produce real “Montecristi Superfino’s” making prices sky high and the supply is minimal.

While we fully understand that few are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a hat, it’s still interesting to see and understand the background and the craftsmanship behind the authentic Panama hats. Do you beat out the cost of 10-20 years the cost directly more defensible.