Social Media: Here Men Get Rear Wheel

Many men will probably think that they are women technology superior – but at a special area dominates women.

In a cliché-filled world, many men probably think that they are clearly women technology superior. But if you look at the facts, several of the men become smarter, and discovering that several social media is dominated by women.

Women status updates, share photos and checking in, much more a men, when it comes to the social media Facebook and Instagram.
A study conducted by the Epinion consultancy firm on behalf of Microsoft Denmark shows that eight out of ten women have a Facebook profile, while the same thing only applies to six out of ten men.

On Instagram, the difference is even more pronounced, where twice as many women as men have a profile, and it is a very simple reason, says it entrprenør and writer Natasha Friis Saxberg:

When it comes to technology, are men and women fundamentally different. Women are very driven by the social. In addition, the technology in one way or another, must have a purpose and make life easier, so it should appeal to women’s social gene.

Just Instagram and Facebook is about keeping up to date with what’s going on in the network and are good tools to keep up with each other’s lives. ”

Men dominate, however, their share of the social media. On LinkedIn has three out of ten men a profile while it applies only to two out of ten women.

Twitter has also a preponderance of men, with twice as many users of males compared to females.

We can see that men completely fundamental are more information-driven – they are looking for the raw information and news sites, where they can keep themselves updated about the latest news or sports, says Natasha Friis Saxberg.