Social Life, The Short What You Help to Remember That The Postureo Can Be Finished with Your Real Life

We already have another YouTube video (sorry, award-winning short in several festivals) to share on our wall of Facebook, tweet, retuitear, favear and give it to ‘like’. Speaks of “a woman named Meredith who lives life has always wanted… online.” That says its creator, Kerith Lemon. We are going to like and we are going to spread because we will offer a small chance of making us feel superior This non-existent girl because we certainly, We are not like her.

As sometimes happens with artistic works, in reality the short says so much more than what is proposed. It does not speak of life that Meredith always wanted and does not have. Speaks of life that Meredith think that you should be willing to. He thinks that he should go jogging. You think that you should go out and party. He thinks that vegetables should like it for dinner. I think that the real problem is not that it does not have this perfect life, but don’t want it. Worse still, don’t know what life really wants.

I say “problem”, but it should not be, because it is not. A problem is the difference between the present state of affairs and the desired. What’s wrong with Meredith is normal When you have 25 years, just as it is normal to see groups of teenage girls dress up as. Over time they develop enough self-confidence and own criteria to not dress in herd. Meredith will also learn what he likes and makes her feel good and perhaps even that not to be perfect is true beauty. Once you know what you like and what you want, will cease to publish every detail of his life, because you will not need the approval of your group friends to know that goes well. With a bit of luck also means that every picture-perfect publishing makes somewhere in the world another girl of 25 feel miserable because his life does not resemble the picture.

For us, perhaps we could get out of the complaint by default mode. We could learn to see What is beautiful in the sad thing, We could feel tenderness and compassion This vulnerability and confusion in which live the twenty-somethings.

Meredith does not know it yet, but This will also pass.