So You Can Use Multiple Accounts in Instagram for Android

No longer have to use third party applications to manage multiple accounts of Instagram from your Android devices. The popular social network of pictures has announced the multi account support your official application.

Instagram for Android already allows Add multiple accounts starting from the version 7.15 so we can easily manage all our Instagram accounts from their official application, although we will only leave add up to five accounts.

This new feature will reach around the world this week, but if you do not want to wait to enjoy the multi account support you can force activation installing APK in your next update.

Add and switch between multiple accounts

To add multiple accounts of Instragam We have to go to our profile and press menu to gain access to the Options. There we have to click on the option Add account and then log on by using the account that you want to add. To delete an account you only have to close session.

For change account so just go to your profile tab and click on the name of user of the top bar. There will leave us all of our accounts and the option to add more accounts. The profile tab icon will display the avatar of the account are using.