So Ouye, The New Console Android Takes Borrowed Elements of The PS4 and Xbox One Design

When we thought that you had seen it all in the world of consoles Android, a Chinese manufacturer is and surprises us with Ouye. It is a project that not only mimics the name of another already existing, but it also take borrowed the design of the Playstation 4 lines and it introduces elements such as the ventilation slots in the Xbox One.

This console is trying to finance in crowdfunding Chinese page as a point of contact between some of the most popular consoles on the market. But unfortunately, If look you under the hood We discover that your hardware is far from being the one that any of us ask you a good console.

The Ouye comes equipped with a processor Allwinner octa – core A80, a GPU PowerVR G6230, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage that can expand up to 64 GB using microSD card. Among its connections also we find a USB 2.0 port and other USB 3.0 Ethernet, and it will work with the operating system Android 4.4.2.

The price at which its makers aim to sell its console along with a control button is 70 dollars, but first they will have that get raise the 60,000 euros to change they need to complete their campaign financing. We fear that if they want to compete seriously in a sector like the Android consoles will have to do better and not limited only to use a design that is familiar to us, what do you you think?