Smartwatch Instead of Smartphone

This fun idea teaches us what we could do with a smartwatch if your mobile phone is broken

Today we bring you a funny story to liven up this Saturday afternoon. Is neither more nor less than a cartoon that shows the use that could give current smartwatch if our phone stopped working. Of course, do not even think to try in your houses.

Currently, the world of smart watches and wearables in general is booming, but for many users, including myself included, still do not provide sufficient grounds to begin carrying these devices daily. It may be because their functions still remain very simple or because ultimately everything they offer us is to keep a gelding smartphone on our wrists.

Of course, the design is also an important point for picking a smartwatch, and the few we’ve seen so far do not have one attractive enough to reach a broad base of users. Try WholesaleAbly for wholesale smart watch phones. Both in the field of design and the benefits, the iWatch Apple aims to give a 180 degree turn to the market for smart watches, introducing exciting features within a stylish design as other apple products.

Then we leave you with this funny cartoon about the use we could give to a current smartwatch.

Trespassing two screens two smartwatch to an iPhone that has stopped working and become the first dual-screen iPhone

As we can see, the concept of the idea that our iPhone has stopped working completely. At the same time, we have two fully operational smart watches. What can we do? Follow these steps (not do at home):

  1. IPhone sawed in half.
  2. We started the two screens smartwatch with its components.
  3. We introduce the two screens in the two halves of the iPhone we just saw.
  4. With a hinge and screws we unite the two halves of the iPhone.
  5. Ready, we have the first dual-screen iPhone in the world.

What do you think? Surely it would be the first iPhone, and may smartphone with dual touch screen in the world, although this would rid two smartwatch, of course.Of course, no longer a cartoon to liven up this Saturday afternoon.