The Dangers of The Internet and a Few More Drinks (Or Why You Should Block The Mobile If You Drink)

Imagine for a moment: Friday night, are alone in your living room, on TV they don’t miss anything that it worthwhile and already going by the second glass of wine. And then you miss the mobile hand and offer for that sale online this morning didn’t you for that, now you feel how essential. And is that alcohol and shopping online can be a very dangerous cocktail part.

If you drink do not drive, said Steve Wonder in the 80s. We should add to that in the XXI century: and do not use the mobile. The consequences may not be so, as dangerous to your health, but to your Pocket.

And it is that it is easy for that alone in your home, with a little bit of alcohol by encouraging your neurons to be more liberal, you throw to make an impulse purchase that you regret it the very next day.

Trust your friends, your credit card is equivalent to giving your car keys in anticipation of what they can do after taking a few drinks. Or more. But buying online is so easy today You can do it from the sofa in your home, at odd hours and in a pas pis. No friends of means. A transaction that lasts just a few seconds and, in some cases, does not need nor to enter your data, because many online stores provide you purchase saving everything.

Online stores know and in some cases, as we can read here, have even studied participation peaks and its translation in sales related to the moment in which we get home and sit down with a beer to relax to launch more tempting offers. In that moment of relaxation, it is much easier to give into temptation buy you a few hours ago had rejected. Or participate in an auction and bid more than planned by the Bureau of your dreams (without taking into account that was for a doll’s House, as happened to the journalist).

The real problem is when the thing is going from the hands and we ended up buying a trip Iceland which is equivalent to four months of our salary, a pillow of Nicolas Cage case or an abstract portrait of a monkey (real-life examples he picked up a newspaper in the United States, for example). Or worse, when We don’t even remember what we have done and days a surprise package comes home with a selection of underwear that even would be a Victorian Granny, a replica of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber and the great successes of Parcheesi.

The Anglo-Saxons called it “sip & click” (SIP and click) and is becoming a phenomenon studied by shops, which in some cases to increase sales up to 48% from the two in the morning on Friday. Although the same shops also warn that many of these impulse purchases (a tent circus tent-shaped so that your cat sleep on it, a fencing online workshop and other bizarre examples) and real that you can read here) are returned immediately. So It is not that we are talking about a great business for them.

Course and repeating ourselves as garlic, Ideally, not have to go to these lengths, but it is good to be aware that at certain times of the day and if we decided to drink alcohol, it is best to keep the mobile as far as possible. Or, better yet, turn it off.


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