Don’t Be Afraid of Failing. It Is Better Than What You Really Think.

For some time, in the business world, come claiming the positive consequences of the failure. Yes, the failure can be one experience from which to learn. And we mean not only the professional failure. In our personal lives, at times, a failure may be the exact point of inflection We need to retake the reins.

In United States, It is usual that a worker should reserve a space in your curriculum to reflect their Professional failures. It is considered normal that an entrepreneur has an average of 3.75 failures for each win. John Maxwell, expert in leadership, He is the author of the book the positive side of failure: how to convert errors into bridges to success?. In it, she summarizes the points through which we can failure to become a positive value in business, but his words are valid in any area of our life:

Appreciate the value of failure

We see failure as the advance in an odometer. The more experience, but the experience will lead to a failure, the closer we will be of our ultimate objective. It will always be more Sage who has known how to get out of a failure that who has never seen from close to the ground. Da like that is in the world of work or a personal failure. We spend our whole life learning, most of the time unconsciously. Few things wouldn’t do now than we did 10 years ago, how many errors would not commit… If we are aware of it, should not fit us doubt that We have not stopped learning.

«The success represents 1% of the resulting work of the remaining 99%, to which is usually called failure. Any person who is not familiar with the failure will succeed”. Soichino Honda, founder of Honda Motors.

Not take failure personally

The key is in not to fall into self-pity, both professionally and personally. Falling into concepts as «nothing I get good» or «I have bad luck» is a big temptation, but won’t help us in anything in the road to recovery. Normal is that a failure to follow a certain depressive moment. All happens to us, and is not only natural, but necessary. But in our hands it is to decide How long we leave that failure to dominate our life. It will cost, but there is that draw strength from weakness to get out of the mud.

Use failure to rectify

The self-criticism It is essential to end up succeeding in any area of life. Reflect on the areas where we have failed is a necessary exercise. Not always we are going wrong because of others, the crisis, or of external circumstances. Let us know in what have failed and fight for not to repeat errors.

Not to lose the sense of humor

Laugh at yourself It is easier to propose to do, we know it. Damn the wins that we sometimes have sense of humor what haunts us all. But we make an effort, together with those people who never fail us and let’s play to laugh a little of our own failure.

«For me, a failure is only a person who does not learn from its own experience». Jesús. A. Mármol, author of ‘The transformative power of failure’.

Wonder why?, not who?

Not all failures have a guilty. It is difficult to accept, because we tend to always look to the head than it does us damage, or an external person ourselves, but We must focus on the causes of the failure, without pointing the finger at who we created that it has led us to it.

Use failure to measure growth

How can who has never failed measure his success. That’s a question that we must keep in our mind at the worst moments. In a life where everything is always pink, it would be very difficult be aware of the real importance of the successes and, most importantly, the ability to rejoice for them would also be less.

«Facing a failure, can invade us sadness and pessimism or see the opportunities that we can lead, because the same reality continues to be an interpretation of the facts “. Manuel Reyes, managing partner of MRC International Training.

See things with perspective

When something comes out wrong, We tend to sink and believe that it is the worst thing that has been able to happen to us. However, looking back some time later, many times we do not understand why we gave so much importance to that bad time. Life is long and is full of situations, good and bad. We are not becoming a failure point in the center of it all; Let us take the necessary perspective to understand that, within some time, perhaps not we import anything.

Do not give up

Change your mind, explore new perspectives or give a radical turn to our life you don’t give up. Surrender is the failure to take command of the situation and give up. We do not give this possibility. We continue to fight for turn any failure in the most direct route to success.

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