China Needs Urgent Dose of Feminism and Not The Prohibition of Eating Bananas

I always wanted to work for “The World Today” to invent the titles of his publications, but I have little grace for that. But the news of these weeks does not need a funny title, already by itself it seems impossible (but, unfortunately, it is not): in China have banned women burn and post the videos in which they eat bananas with a seductive face. Looks that see the women eating bananas seriously harms the morale of society.

As we all know, morals and education Chinese, so far, have been “impeccable”: the Chinese women who are not married at 27 called “leftovers”; in the parking lot of this country the holes for the cars driven by females are twice as large; the first law against gender abuse has just entered into force about four months ago… Still remind us of the 200 women abducted and sold as wives in 1995, but now, twenty years later, the important thing is not to eat bananas in front of the camera. Otherwise, because that little by little….

Sure, that’s like everything. Here in Spain or Europe in general the news seems ridiculous, somewhat controversial, outrageous and… shamefully ephemeral. What can we do? Our country is still too macho to let us look at what is happening on the other side of the world. Happens to us all, and is partly up to understandable: it hurts US more Belgium that Yemen, the 64 women killed in Spain concern us more by 2015 to more than 300 of Argentina, much shocked us that someone call a gay in Spain “faggot”, but we are not even informed that 74 percent of Russians consider that homosexuals should not be accepted by the society (5% of them ensures that you have to “settle them”).

It hurts me Spain and China not so much. More Russia, it hurts me because I was born there and even gives me embarrassed saying it out loud at times. Yemen is me infinitely far away. And I also shared a photo of Syrian children, but did not do more in this regard. The massacre of refugees annoys me, but I wonder who among my acquaintances would dare to host them in your own home.

We are hypocrites. Social networks help us to show how human we are, but that “humanity” takes us exactly the same as the ecstasy to receive “likes” by our pseudovoluntariado.

We should give us more shame. We should – all – worse sleep and dream instead of murders with a shop full of Yellow Jackets of imitation leather. Perhaps we would so do something. Perhaps so it does not hurt us “wasting” our life by helping a Chinese woman in distress or a refugee with hunger.

One thing is one thing and another thing is another thing, it is unclear. “No need to dream of blood to want to stop it”, tell me and I will give you the reason. “And what have you done to change the world?”, you will ask me. And I, as you or that other will also answer you: and what can I do myself?

Some time ago I’ve felt anger and shame, equal parts. And some time ago that I wonder how we could raise a large part of the population so we do something together. And do it all and for all, without discrimination or forget about no one.

And I can’t find the answer.

But meanwhile, me unworthy of bananas into China law and sigh. I sigh and write articles. I write articles and I do not see the output.

And you? Do you think of something? (that have read that until the end, now I better, to start).


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