Site Apple Genius Brazil Offers Online to Answer Questions Live

In the famous shops of Apple around the world has a team of experts ready to answer customer questions. Each of them is called “Genius” (yes, genius in English) and the service takes place in the “Genius Bar”. Here in Brazil there is still no official Apple stores. But to bring that what most Apple experience of sales, the company announced today the arrival of what we call Genius Online.

The Apple website now has the attention of specialists. For now the feature only works on the iPad page of the Apple Store online. Consumers interested in the tablet verifies that at the beginning of the page, there is a 0800 to ask questions and the option “Ask now.” By clicking on it, the floating menu offers the chat, the expert phone back to the client or the tour display with live video.

I auditioned with the same text chat. I spoke with Diego, an Apple Genius with a photo that looked like a bank of images instead of a real photo of the attendant. But that’s the least of it; what matters is that the answers come to the consumer, and very quickly.

I asked about the guarantee of the iPad. My, second generation, was purchased last year in a store WalMart in the United States. Is guaranteed in Brazil? I already knew the answer, but still questioned to see if the attendant is keen on this. He lived up to expectations.

“We hope in the future provide the service to other products as well,” said Apple in Brazil in a note. Consumers, I think, also hope that soon the resource appear to other apple products.

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