Shopping Tips in Paraguay

Hola Chicas! Shall we continue with the Palpitecos imported? We’re loving bringing diquinhas foreign to you! Kkkkk Gentyyy, seriously, who doesn’t freak out every time you go shopping in Paraguay? Jeez, a consumer paradise, a good country to crush our savings. But seriously, can anyone resist? And as we are suuuper generous, we love to divide our humble temptations with you, today we have arranged a post stuffed with shopping tips in Paraguay, with products that will madden the women! Did you see that yesterday we showed here on the blog The News of Ansa 2 wheels, shop in Pedro Juan Caballero/PY specialized in bikes and accessories? If you haven’t seen it, look here! The post was a success and today is the time to share the “dooms” of the imported Ansa, another shop of the Ansa group that always leads us to madness with its wonderful products!
Girls, you mark it down:the ANSA Imported is a super guess for who’s going to do some compritchas in Pedro Juan Caballero and looking for a place of trust, quality and variety. The store offers several options for beauty products, makeup of various famous brands (Mac; Sephora; Benefit; Bobbi Brown; Giorgio Armani; YSL; Laura Mercier; Dolce & Gabbana; NARS; Missha; Urban Decay; Make Up For Ever; Sigma; Bliss, etc.), perfumes, sunglasses, watches, shoes, fashion and fitness over a lot of other temptations for women and men (Yes kids can be happy!). We love, not tired of talking about that we’re fans of ANSA Imported and indicate with your eyes closed! We made several pictures to show you some news that arrived at the store and, between a flash clarooo and one we would like to make some acquisitions to our personal collections. Hehehe! Ahhh and to who’s scared with the price of the dollar’s the trick: there the dollar is cheaper than at other stores (we did the research and prove!) and still have some products with discount, IE compensates even!

Let’s check the novis?

Girls, get ready:the following images promised strong emotions!