Shopkola + Studio Jambo

Already checked the news on the website of Kola? Collection of wall paper signed by the girls of the Studio Jambofrom Belém do Pará who will inspire you.

They are Bruna Bastos and Reg Chen, two passionate creative patterns and what they saw in surface design the possibility to decorate the most different environments with amazing combinations of colors and textures.

Why jambo? What did it taste like?

Why remember our childhood and part of our affective memory. We saw the coloring and stamping whole streets jambeiro, making them more beautiful and delighting our senses. Jambo has taste of happiness.

The Pantone elected like the color violet of the year. You follow this trend?

We are always attentive, but with concern to adapt to our reality. Do the reading of trends and evaluate how to use in our work to not seem like more of the same and to ensure our identity.

In fact, what inspires your creations?

Our inspiration comes from nature, of shapes, colors and textures found in the streets, the experience with people, their stories and cultures.

Among so many beautiful colours and textures, which is adhesive Jambo?

At the moment there are three our prints in ShopKola, as the wallpaper adhesive: Galicia, indie and superflores. Each with color variations to leave the House with that guy, of warmth, of place where if you want to go back.

A tip for those who want to imprint the decoration with the Studio Jambo:

Is easy! As we have said, come enjoy our collection wallpaper sticker on ShopKola .

And there, enjoyed? Anyone who wants to talk to the girls and get into more details about Studio Jambo, come