“Shake before Using” the Contemporary Collection of Custo Barcelona

As we noted Custo Dalmau the day before their parade in the interview conceded by us, the proposal presented yesterday in New York is a full collection of What’s new in terms of fabrics and silhouettes, a contemporary image that the creator had in mind and that was certainly achieved more than. Custo Barcelona returns to get it, its parade in New York was a success.

The evening seemed relaxed, some known face “made in Spain” as Monica Thomas or Diego Osorio they posed in the “front row” but everything was ruffled when he arrived (with included band) Miss USA the footbridge and the photographers and there have not stopped shouting. Everything pointed that it would be a great parade of the catalan Designer was not missing or a PIN in the parade in Lincoln Center.

With one rather sober staging, as it is normal in Custo. They began to parade the models with the items in the collection, all them with mixtures of traditional fabrics with new technological materials, ethnic embroidery also had much presence on all outputs. The quite long male classic coats and the mini-vestidos were the undisputed show protagonists although footwear and peina were wonderful.

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