Sexy! These Are the Best Plus Size Hacks

1. Crop tops for a beautiful silhouette

Who said once again, Crop Tops can only be worn by slim women?  Absolute nonsense. On the contrary, short-cut shirts can even flatter curvy women. By the cut, which frees the waist, this part of the body is particularly stressed. And because the waist is now the narrowest part of the upper body, the silhouette is stretched and works well proportioned. Best example: Plus-size fashion blogger Jeniese Hosey.

2. Belt for a sexy waist

Regardless of the size of the dress you wear, a belt not only spoils every outfit, it also makes a look more feminine and emphasizes the narrow waist. The best: A belt fits both a trouser and a dress. The best is to create several, in different colors.

3. Put the tops in the pants-that stretches!

This fashion-hack is not only for women with curves, but also for those who would like to cheat a few centimeters larger: simply put the top, no matter whether shirt, shirt or blouse, in front of the jeans. This lengthens the legs visually and puts them skillfully into the scene. If you’re still unsure whether this effect actually works, look at the best of the image of fashion blogger Luciana.

4. 3/4 sleeves for beautiful arms

Women with strong arms try to hide them often, in which they reach wide bat sleeves. This is, however, a big mistake and makes the Armel even wider. It is better to grab too close-fitting sleeves, in 3/4 length. These give the poor a beautiful form. The look of the wrist is more feminine.

5. Short jackets for long legs

Many plus size fashion bloggers access skirt and dress and combine jackets that are shorter than a normal top and mostly at the waist level. Why? To emphasize the narrowest part of the body, the waist, thus lengthening the legs visually. A super simple trick any woman can imitate. But be careful: the trick only works with dresses and high-cut skirts. In the case of Hüftjeans, the viewer is struck by the frenzy.

6. Top Pumps & Ballerinas for extra-centimeters

It is said from that no shoes extend the legs visually as high heels. This is not quite true. Even flat shoes can stagger a few inches. The important thing is that these are not rounded at the front, but rather tapered. If flat ballerinas or flats are not enough, of course, can additionally reach to pointed pumps and strengthen the effect thus.