Seven Phrases Weapons of Women Who Are Seven Lessons of Coaching

Weapons of female film premiered in Spain on March 10, 1989 and we loved the story of overcoming of Tess McGill Secretariat and its impeccable cut jacket costumes. But what has remained at the time the script signed by Kevin Wade and all the pearls of wisdom work containing. Maxims that uff, thank goodness, not passed as the exaggerated shoulder pads and carded hairstyles fashion and that Today they still work. We bring you best seven sentences of female firearms, seven lessons that you can continue in your day to day on the job.

1. “I read many things. You never know where great ideas can emerge.”

The character played by Melanie Griffith read absolutely everything that falls into their hands: finance magazines, Gourmet magazine and your best idea comes from The New York Post gossip column. And is that the best ideas often come from the most unexpected places and more strange associations between the neurons in our brain. Read, feeling curiosity for everything around us, or be attentive to small details we provide ingredients to feed our creativity and inspiration. Perhaps a movie, a book, an exhibition or more crappy TV program… good ideas can arise from anywhere.

2 “If you want to take you seriously, you need a serious hair.”

Fortunately, things have changed a lot in recent years and today the companies accept that their employees are not grey blocks without personality. Demonstrate your individualism with a piercing, a tattoo or something that is not a boring suit is not as frowned upon as before. Although it is clear that a person is much more than their appearance, but often have to think of the work to which we aspire and find an image that matches the.

3. “I have a mind for finance and a body for sin. Is there something wrong with that?”

How many times have we repeated this phrase in our head? It is probably one of the best of the cinema of the 80s. And not only very provocative, it is also true. Separate, friends. One thing is that at work we are authentic-axes and another thing, what we do in our private lives. And we are able to do everything right and Balancing two areas of our life. We can be beautiful and smart, attractive and effective, sensual and crush with our brain.

4. “never burn your ships. The cocoon of today is the morning magnate.”

Unfortunately it is so. By eager that you send to seek snails to a cretin that bother you or that behave inappropriately with you, it is best you do it in the most subtle and elegant way possible, because you never know if your ways will be cross. However, I It would go beyond the shark philosophy Sigourney Weaver and I would say as well as be seen with candidates for bosses, should be respectful of each and every one of the co-workers because you never know when you’ll need their cooperation. In some cases, Since the most important directors up to the doorman of the building may be key.

5. “vulgar dress and you will only see the dress. Elegant dresses and you will only see the woman.”

The Sigourney Weaver character quotes to Chanel in the first interview with his Secretary Tess and is a phrase that we should not forget None of us when it comes to thinking about our workwear.

6. “I’m not willing to spend the rest of my life working as a cabr * for nothing just because you have to follow certain rules that I wasn’t who established.”

Break the rules and risk sometimes is necessary, is the only way to achieve our goals, and Tess is clear: despite the obstacles that are on their way and that do not have the same tools than its competition, it does not surrender and still struggling to reach the top. The only way to change the rules is skipping them previously.

7. “it is the wedding of his daughter. It is the perfect opportunity, you’ll be happy and with a few glasses of champagne we will look for the moment.”

Don’t be so peliculera and sneak into a wedding to achieve your goals is needed, but it is true that many times social meetings, out of work, are the best to make contacts and get advance your career. Don’t waste any time and works the more social side of your work area.

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