Secret Santa Gifts: Suggestions of Up to R $200


Our travelers are eager for the end of the year parties, igloo decorated, bags packed, presents wrapped and anxiety for the most anticipated days of the year! With that in mind, our Mammoth separated gift ideas to please the one friend who loves to travel and is with the trip scheduled for 2016 or that a friend who loves the cold and doesn’t waste a winter journey. Check now the post with tips of secret Santa gifts: gift suggestions up to £ $200.

Acrylic gloves

Acrylic wool gloves is ideal for mild temperatures, you can present that friend who will travel to regions of approximately 15º Celsius. The gloves are super comfortable, they have them good elasticity – it’s easier to hit in size.


Beautiful, practical, warm … heated head, and style. The hats are super versatile and match everything, besides being an excellent option to style with the winter looks. The hats are a great gift suggestion for those who want to please that special someone.


Queridísssimas in the igloo! This is one of the best options of secret Santa gifts and they all wanted to win! They’re super comfortable, warm and super sport. Ideal for use at low temperatures with boots or shoes. Is easy to use, because simply put the insole in footwear required. And best of all, the person can cut the insole with scissors to fit better inside the shoe. There’s no way to have error, isn’t it?


Wildcard piece! Who doesn’t love scarf? < 3 scarves are great for lower temperatures and make a big difference in the look of winter. Are several options in styles, colors and they are beautiful! Hard to pick just one.


Comfortable, warm and are very practical for day to day for work, because great are very versatile and very flexible.

Warm Sweaters

If you know the style of your friend secret (the), then cold sweaters are a great option. Are even more special if he is already with a scheduled trip and wants need warm sweaters in my bag. This is the ideal gift.

Sweater and Cardigan

Another wildcard piece! Everyone wants (and should have in the closet lol). Perfect gift for anyone who wants an easy and practical piece to use in daily life and to stay warm enough. Several choices of colors and styles. This is one of the easiest gifts to please.

Super Thermal Power Plants

He will travel? Treat yourself with one of our super, that he or she will love! This unforgettable and surely will remember for you! Our thermal is the best second skin for use under all your long-sleeved blouses and trousers, this is the most important item to keep warm, was specially designed for intense winters, ensuring protection and comfort.


Winter hats are great to bring that special trip. So if she will travel to colder regions, the hat is a great suggestion! A lot of elegance and authenticity to compose your visual in cold climates. A must have for anyone who wants to be exuberant in the cold

And then it was easy to choose? Enjoy the tips and check out the news that arrived in our warm Igloo!