Second Chances Are Always Good

It is coming in April and this month for me is a month of the arrange and make repairsin the House, this year in particular will return to paint receiver, patio, lounge and kitchen and bathroom ceilings.

Although these two what I did was paint them in full because just like that.
At home change of season I like to leave my house on the subject of cleaning, fix any moisture and prepare the terrace for good weather. So April is full of work.

Whenever I do these arrangements already I put squarely to change things from the House, to give a new life to a piece of furniture for a new look, because as you’ve already told other times with little you get a new stay, for me is fun and decide its use or the new look that can be now I have to confess that if you try it engages.

If you want to renew the show, change the finishes.
You don’t have to buy new furniture to give it a new life.

Solutions: If you have dark wood and want a lighter decor opts for painted white furniture, and if you have printed as a sofa opts for a case in crude oil. Thus you will gain luminosity and spaciousness in the space.

If you can invest in accessories to complete the look as a few cushions, a mirror or a lamp.

Furniture craft, thousand possibilities and good allies of the order.
Office furniture are perfect for the Foyer or bathroom, there are of various sizes and in addition are furniture with history, what makes it a piece that the attention. The receiver will serve very helpful to keep keys, mail, boots.

For the bathroom, there they are practical, to keep those 20,000 creams, combs, makeup what you would come to your phenomenal? That Yes, you should protect it with a special for the damp paint.

Rescue an old piece and adapt it to your home.

Do not discard any parts. Either if you are traces or antique shops, or if you see it on the street (often throw wonderful parts) you can take advantage of it all, from a chest painting it again and decorating it you will get a new well and storage space. Cabinets that you are not useful or are ugly, that is not a problem, decampando them are sure to find you the perfect place to display them. There are endless possibilities as a vintage, a mirror and chair where place you will help you to gain a new corner.

Are you going to put into practice the techniques?

And remember to take any part the beauty that has.

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