Schmidt Sends a Message: Do Not Like Street View, Just Move House

The CEO of Google, called “ghastly” by renowned blogger John Gruber, made ​​one of his friendly appearances on television. In an interview with Kathleen Parker, the CNN news network TV, Eric Schmidt commented several aspects of the mode of operation of the company that runs and even gave economic advice to President Barack Obama. In a controversial time, also commented on Google Street View.

Early on, the anchor asked what Google knew about it. Schmidt said he knew which were the search terms for it for your Google searches. According to the CEO, such information is saved for 18 months. After that, they are completely erased from (and the data is rewritten, said Schmidt).

But the conversation was good when Schmidt said Google Street View. With all the issues related to privacy, Schmidt said the vehicles to the Street View service pass the street only once. “You can just move,” said the CEO, suggesting that moving home is an option for those who do not want to appear in Street View.

The statement, absolutely curious, then had to be justified by Google’s communications team. In a press release, the company noted that Eric Schmidt, saying it only reminded viewers that the Street View images are not real time, but only still images. Anyway, the troubled may request to be removed from service, according to the company.

The CNN posted the video with Schmidt’s interview on their website, but cut the part he says Street View. I have not figured out the reason for this issue.