Sanremo Music Festival 2016

Looking forward to the challenge of such weapons in the beautiful Bar Refaeli and Bianca Balti, here are the report cards by our fashion-editor, on Sanremesi look ladies last night have trod the stage of the Ariston.


VOTE: 6:30. Let’s start by Lucianina undisputed queen of the evening with her ​​designer clothes Aquilano and Rimondi. It arrives on a carriage drawn by two horses and a coachman, with two footmen to help her on the way down, just like a modern Cinderella. Her first look is a total black far and bodice studded with jais, Swarovski crystals and feathers. Makes his entrance in the theater with a demeanor not as princely, the fault of high heels, damn! The hostess of the festival house also has a nice pair of gloves blacks that after the first 10 minutes of flying direct one to the right the other to miss off the stage of the Ariston. Then the twist: a tear and long gonnellona disappears to give way to a much more appropriate for the short stature of Lucianina mignon dress. The second dress is always a short midnight blue, studded with stars of svarowsky. Lovely. If we bring our gaze on the shoes in black suede complete with a strap on sight we can only bocciarle categorically. Same fate for black pantyhose ipercoprente. The third dress has not convinced us, worthy of a guest to a gipsy wedding, it was equipped with an emerald green skirt with encrustations of beads and crystals blacks sur ton tone and a ipersbrilluccicoso bodice with a very daring neckline. Promoted equally. See Phonecations for wedding music playlist.


VOTE: 4. Red and silver like rain, round neckline behind his back that poorly suited to the bodice of a dress that looks more like a jacket. Edging and silver stitching and make New Year’s Eve terribly crystals. A dress-mishmash signed Antonio Martino Couture, which is fitting much more to a majorette. Terrifying.
Valeria Bilello:

VOTE: 7 . Sober white Armani dress with black trims and fascia of the same color to emphasize the waist. Impeccably tailored, wide skirt and a little bubbly ‘long for its stature not just from vatussa. However delicious.
Ilaria D’AMICO:

VOTE: 7:30. The presenter makes his entrance with an elegant Versace gown. Vertiginous gap and generous neckline. Really beautiful geometric patterns made ​​from beads and sequins throughout the length of the dress. Elegant.

VOTE: 6+ . We have to tell the truth, the mirrored sequins applications on that dress dark green Blumarine made ​​us immediately think of the discoball certain nightclubs. The gown cut after all goes well with the massive athletic build of tennis. Without infamy and without praise.

CRISTINA, VOTE: 8:30. With distinctive charm and class, Cristina was definitely a cut above his sister: the regal bearing and more familiar with the steep steps. For her a dress Blumarine total black studded with sequins that make it bright as ever. Magnificent.

BLESSED. VOTE: 7. However, he made ​​his great figure wearing a dress in the same house that dressed her sister. For her long silver-colored and bare. Really pretty.

VOTE: 4. Oh mon Dieu! Maria Nazionale takes the stage of the Ariston bundled up in a length dress intense fuchsia and with asymmetrical sleeves: a balloon with an endless row of dense buttons, the other a thin strap. The effect “Moira Orfei sober version” is assured. For us it is competing on equal terms with the Molinari the “worst dressed award of prime time.” Baffling.
Chiara Galiazzo:

VOTE: 5:30. Sorry really, but this time Alberta Ferretti has messed. An electric blue trousers and a jacket of the same color with light blue lace inserts scattered ‘at random, just befitting a vatussa with a very robust physicality such as the winner of X Factor 2012, and especially not suited to the context of a formal evening like that of Sanremo. Mediocre.