Samsung Has Understood, at Last, You Have to Do to to Your Watch to Succeed: Open

Samsung with its connected watches Gear pioneered what slightly more afternoon came with Android Wear. Interesting devices but with a common problem: It was necessary to have a mobile Galaxy to use it. Something that also is complicated when we comprobábamos that not all models were consistent.

After two years, doing smartwatches, this time finally have understood that if you want us to look at them, they will have to to open up to more people can use it. Gear S2 is the first compatible with the rest of Android phones and that is good news for everyone.

Tizen and frustration with Android Wear

Whether on mobile phones or tablets have a spectrum of very different devices, Android Wear differences between a few watches and others reduced to design, screen and battery as well as the introduction or not of certain sensors. Google is not allowing customization manufacturers and that makes experience between the different models is very similar.

Samsung still maintain Tizen keeps putting out that are not happy with Android Wear. The Koreans want to have a different device and Google’s platform becomes a corset. A comfort for manufacturers of hardware, true, but today a constraint to the experience.

Samsung has cost him but finally have understood (and reality) that if you want people to buy it, has to be compatible with other mobile. Not a titanic effort of engineering has been to make it compatible (the community has succeeded) and has only been necessary to remove the shackles to Tizen to make it expand its borders.

It is not the only success of the S2 Gear: bet by a more conventional design format and not by a pileup futuristic make watch more attractive. In addition, it introduces an element of design that is extremely functional. In contact at Engadget said it: the best decision of design that Samsung has made in recent years.

With Apple Watch market, Samsung wants to be the reference in Android. What has been at IFA this year has been attractive, but everything has left us a something decaffeinated taste. Good ideas but, again, limited by Android Wear. Tizen knows how to differentiate themselves and what we have seen in Berlin we liked.

Something more to succeed: ecosystem

I never tire of saying it but as in IFA presentations left Android Wear all stressed the importance of the number of applications that are. More than 4,000, It is not synonymous with quality but we cannot say that there is no options.

Tizen, on the other hand, so far had had a very shy developer community. With a wider compatibility, we need to see more apps, but nor is it a guarantee. There will be what to see that this is welcome, but at the moment, the main barrier aims to price.

349 euros, According to Spain, the most affordable model Samsung seems expensive when in Android Wear we can have a good watch for less than half. Ojo, you have to be fair with the Koreans: they have made an investment in your own software, the rest have just caught what had already created Google.

Probably S2 Gear sold better than its predecessors but I have no clear will be the reference in Android. In fact, I doubt that from here to the end of the year the number of users grow substantially. It is still pointing to niche product, for the time being.