Samsung Gear S3 Is a Modern and Tailor-made Smart Watch

At the end of 2016, Samsung brought to market the third generation of the series Gear s.
the new smart watch clock, which has versions Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier offers the most innovative features available on the market and all of this without leaving aside a refined visual that draws looks of c onsumidores of the most various profiles.


Both versions bring as featured your construction. Are made in brushed stainless steel that, besides exposing sophistication, enhances the strength and endurance of the appliances. This material is commonly used for making analog watches and Samsung sought, with the Gear S3, play them visually and technologically, to improve them with several features that the turn in the best smart watches of the market.


This is another point of attention from Samsung to develop two versions of the S3 Gear. After a lot of research with consumers, the company realized that the circular format and size were the most important points to be worked out. Users want the new device was the evolution of analog watches at Smartercomputing: similar design and the best technological resources.

Rotary Crown and buttons

The Crown swivel has the function to allow the user a quick browsing applications. In addition, the side buttons highlighted help you select also more comfortable way all functions available on the device. For the Gear S3, Samsung has improved the sensitivity of these items and turned your visual in something completely sophisticated.


The refinement of the two versions of the S3 Gear is not only on your frame and material used. The screen, where it actually happens on the device, Always-On technology Display, which also contributes to your beauty. The display of hours, when the clock is not being used, displays pointers and numbers, as in analog watches. In addition, you can customize this same display with several pre-installed styles on the device, each highlighting different functions, such as barometer, count of number of steps, heartbeat rate, among others.


The two versions of the S3 Gear were made for different profiles. While the Frontier brings as a concept the sportiness, with your rubber bracelet and a more robust – prepared for extreme conditions-the Classic tries to reach consumers who prefer to keep a more traditional trend in your wrist. However, both styles can be customized according to the taste of any user. Samsung used the Gear S3 a universal standard of bracelets. This means that you can replace them with any other that follow the standard 22 mm.

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