Samsung Game Pad on Its Way to the Europeans

Tech-giant remains undisturbed GamePad-game console for Android, with special Galaxy-benefits, is now on its way to the European market.

Sometimes it goes, otherwise always rapidly, developing a little too heavily, and so you will be thinking back to the good old days.

Back to back then games consoles had physical buttons, and not only should be operated by touch.

Samsung showed off, at the IFA trade fair in September, their bid for a games console that must cooperate with smartphones.

Device GamePad is now ready in several places in Europe, and Samsung will continuously expand availability. The company writes in a press release.

Gamepad-console supports Android devices from 4 “to 6”, which at a minimum must have version 4.1 Jelly Bean installed and Bluetooth 3.0

Optimized for Galaxy
The device is of course optimized for Samsung’s Galaxy-series with Android 4.3 installed. They can smoothly connect the devices together using NFC technology.

In addition, Galaxy models making full use of the new “Play”-button on the console that quickly opens the app “Mobile Console”, from which one can see the games that support GamePad functionality.

Do you miss the fyske buttons when you gamer?