Samsung Galaxy S6: With 6 Tips For Better Photos

Better shooting pictures with the Samsung Galaxy S6: the main camera of the previous flagship model offers you the resolution of 16 MP – thus, anyway good photos are possible. However, the Smartphone has a few characteristics that distinguishes it from similar devices. And also the 5 MP front camera lets you beautiful Selfies. Here, you can find out how you optimally uses the cameras of the Smartphone.

Basic Functions Of The Camera

To open the camera app on the Galaxy S6, you must tap the home screen on the camera icon. Now you can see the preview screen on the top left is the gear icon for “Settings”. Next to it are the buttons for the Flash and the HDR mode. At the bottom of the preview screen the buttons for recording modes are arranged, for example, left the button to switch between rear and front-facing camera and also the trigger.

To display more options, you simply wipes on the display from left to right. If you wipe from the preview screen to the right, you’ll come to the Gallery of pictures already taken.

Samsung Galaxy S6 With 6 Tips For Better Photos



Special Features Of The Galaxy S6 Camera

A special feature of the camera is the ability to set filter over the image while recording. It taps you on the magic wand icon at the top of the screen and the corresponding filter selects, for example, a vignette or a shot with shades of gray.

A handy feature is also the mode called “Tracking AF”, which you find in the “settings”. Sliding the switch to the right to activate the mode. Then, you can choose a motif on the preview screen that should appear sharp in the photo. This is also the case when the object or the camera is moving.

Take A Photo With The Volume Button

Also, the ability to control the actions of the physical buttons of the Galaxy S6 camera is handy. So, you can put the zoom and the shutter release for photos and movies on demand on the volume buttons.

To do this, you must open the camera app and tap the gear icon. Now, a quick launch, where you again tap the gear icon appears at the right edge of the display. There, you can now select “volume button” and specify what action use should be performed.

Tips For Selfies

To include a Selfie, starts the camera app and type at the bottom of the preview screen on the icon left. So, you move to the front-facing camera. As soon as the camera has focussed your face, a yellow circle appears. To take the photo, you type on the screen or on the sensor, which is located on the back of the Galaxy S6.

On request, you can trigger the shutter for a self portrait using a voice command or a gesture. To do this, open the ‘settings’ on the gear icon and activated depending on the request “Gesture control” or “Voice” by the switch. For the release via gesture, you hold the hand area in front of the front-facing camera. When this is detected, a yellow square appears – two seconds later, the photo is taken up. As voice commands for photos, you can say either “click”, “Recording” or “Smile”. The commands are you “Capture video”, “Video record” or “Record” available for a video. Also here is the delay time of two seconds.


  • Open the camera app on the Galaxy S6 on the camera icon on the home screen
  • Is the bar for settings in the preview screen above bottom for recording modes
  • On the magic wand icon, you can set filters before recording
  • When you activate the option “AF tracking” in the “settings”, you can put the focus on an object
  • On request, you can zoom in with the volume button and snap
  • To do this you must open the camera app, go to the “settings” and select in the Quick Launch bar on the right edge of the “volume button”
  • Selfies can take you by voice command or gesture control