Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Sharp Kurvenstar

Conclusion: On the set installed and not ultra-lengthy battery as well as the missing microSD slot we have in the Samsung Galaxy little to find fault S6 edge. The fleet pace of work, the quality housing, the very good camera and numerous extras make the Smart phone by 2015 the edge. 

After which the previous Galaxy S4 and S5 Galaxy in our Mobile leaderboard both the HTC one of this year beaten had to, Samsung comes with the S6 both back on the top.The edge version of Galaxy S6 has a very high quality thanks to its thin and lightweight case, it is even slightly thinner and lighter than the normal S6. The screen that is rounded on both sides makes a spectacular impression. Front and rear mounted a gorilla glass 4 Samsung, opts for brilliant colors and an optically attractive aluminum frame. Connections and the slot for the SIM card sitting on the top and bottom. Below the display, the Android buttons are in the form of a physical home buttons and two backlit sensor keys. The home button has a much crisper pressure point and also a touch-based fingerprint scanner. You must no longer swipe the button, but just put your finger on it. The edge comes only with a microUSB 2.0 port, supports both current induction charging standards WPC but already Bluetooth 4.1 and PMA.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: The Price Of Progress

The luxurious design to the victims noticed are the microSD slot, as well as the removable battery. Because there is no longer a removable back cover. The thing with the SD slot is only partly problematic, because Samsung offers its S6 edge in this country in three memory versions. With 32 GByte it costs 849 euro, for the 64 GB version you pay as a pre-order 949 euros. The 128 GB version puts all with a price of 1,049 euros then the Crown on. For our test Samsung has provided us the 32-GByte version available. Therefore, there are only points for the-less operating system-available around 25 GB storage.

Tricky Display

The display does not differ until on the curvature of the S6. It measures also 5.1 inches and resolves to quad-HD. Brightness and colors seem impressive, which confirmed our laboratory also. Brightness excellent for an OLED and excellent contrast, color space, and white point values make the screen edge one of the current best smartphone displays. In automatic mode the display according to Samsung, directly incident sunlight, even over 600 should be square bright CD / m, making it easier to read. We can not measure it because this an external light source would be necessary, which would distort the measurement results. In contrast to the Touch edge the normal display over the edge, is running you can see videos in full size. In addition, you can choose whether the left or right edge should be active. Disabled screen rub on the edge, to learn, for example, the current time. Contacts, missed calls, or incoming messages are what, there appears to be about it. You can assign specific colors to your favorite contacts. If the cell phone on the display and a call comes in, the edge in the appropriate color flashing. Now you have the option to accept the call or simply to reject, by a moment you cover the sensor next to the camera the finger. The caller is then sent to a SMS definable by you. Accidental input over the edges of the display have never occurred in the course of our testing, rather the edge makes it easier because it shortens the path to the display.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Solid Acoustics, Sound Battery

Fun telephoning with the S6 edge, straight to the mobile phone, it sounds clear and loud. The handsfree is overall good, sometimes disrupts a somewhat echoing sound.The sound from the supplied headphones is really strong. Especially if you with to use the extensive equalizer. Also the external edge speaker sounds solid. With its 2,600 mAh battery, the Galaxy S6 edge provides a neat, although not Super performance. In our online run-time test the juice goes out in 6:16 hours the Galaxy phone. The charging time is very fast with 1:39 hours. The S6 edge supported inherently Inductive charging, it’s repeated his energy while more comfortable, but much slower than with the USB power supply. With the two modes built into the system, you’ll get the terms clearly upwards.

More Power For The Camera

While puts Samsung back to 16 megapixels, but uses a maximum open aperture of F1 in comparison to the S5. 9. To get many options, you can adjust individually, for example, the white balance and ISO values. The camera starts at lightning speed through a double tap on the home button and focused very quickly. In the test laboratory and in the field, the edge shoots images with great sharpness and natural colours – even under bad light conditions – low noise. Also the Flash is working class, he illuminates the subject very evenly and not too bright. Special feature: The edge has a UHD camcorder on the back and on the front the camera at the front of the Galaxy Smartphone works a QHD camcorder with 5 mega pixel, has a “wide-Selfie-mode” and shoots also beautiful images. Looking for a good camera smartphone you are all very well served with the edge summa.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Standards And Tools

Pretty much everything can have a high-end Smartphone standards inside the edge.LTE of category 6 provides immense online speed, Wi-Fi the phone supports up to standard ac. An infrared transmitter, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, Inductive charging, a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor and the famous Samsung features such as health, S S are voice and much more on board. The edge bursting to speak almost with features, but, what UI’s that, not so cluttered as the predecessor.

Exynos System & UFS Flash

For SoC (System on a chip) and type of memory there is no difference between the two variants of the S6.There is no S6 model with Qualcomm chipset, these devices are supplied with the Exynos 7420. And that’s a good thing because the 64-bit-octa-core, made on 14 NM, provides liquid propulsion for enormous. The S6 edge all apps opens Super fast and runs perfectly smoothly. This is another special feature of the current Galaxy S series: the UFS Flash memory. It allows faster access times than ordinary Smartphone memory and should work more energy efficient. Thus, the S6 comes with an SSD.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Android Of 5 With Slim UI

Pre-installed Android 5.0.2 and a new version of TouchWiz UI. For his current S6 series, Samsung criticism of the TouchWiz interface for heart seems to have taken.Because that is much leaner, clearer and simpler design. You can see that not only the space, but also the significantly more accessible menus and less overloaded quick access bar. In direct comparison, HTC blocked more than Samsung 5 GB for its OS UI combined. Also good: The pre-installed bloatware holds just within limits, is also largely uninstalled. Who does not want to apps such as HRS hotels or there they just throw from the store. Left of the homescreen you find the newsfeed Flipboard continue for more individuality, the S6 edge also offers a theme Manager.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Alternative

Our alternative to the edge of the Galaxy S6 is the technically equivalent sister model: the Samsung Galaxy S6. For the Samsung top phone without edge, you pay off storage in the lowest 32-GByte version 399 euro. In the test convinced the S6 on all points, especially the battery life are better than at the edge, the performance and the beautiful housing in favour of the Super-Samsung. If you cry after microSD slot, removable battery and waterproof housing, you can also the solid predecessors Galaxy S5access. He is also the only about 319Euro.

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