Samsung Commits Big Mistake in S4 Case

A customer, if S4 caught fire during charging, will not be thrown off balance by the large technology company.

The case starts, since Youtube user GhostlyRich throw a video on Google-service of his Samsung Galaxy S4, which by night load is shorted.

Just had to have swapped
The device was, fortunately, not exploded, but clearly fired at ladestikket. There was therefore a bug in the product, which should only be exchanged immediately.

This is how it went not. Samsung reportedly will send the user instead a document that demands that he remove the Youtube video before they will comply with the warranty provisions. It writes our site.

Instead records GhostlyRich a new video in which he describes his dissatisfaction with the contents of the letter.
The video which shows the damaged Galaxy S4 had furthermore 45,000 views and video here that tells about the letter has in writing 428,000 views.

As the tech giant in these Youtube-times, one should not, therefore, expect that a registered letter cannot reach more than the name of the letter describes.