Samsung Becomes First U.S. Smartphone Maker

In recent days has been repeatedly reported the news of the first decline in sales of iPhone ( -18% annual scale) and the first quarterly decline in sales since 2003, as well as discussed the excellent results obtained by Samsung in terms of profits (+42% in the mobile space) and sales in a stagnant market mainly due mainly to the success of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Hong Kong research firm Howsmb has published a report that shows how these recent events have brought Samsung regain primacy in the u.s. market, lost at the expense of Apple in April 2015.

The South Korean company now holds 28.8% of the u.s. market, compared with 23% of Apple which occupies the second place of the podium. In third place is LG Electronics with the 17.1% market share. This is however expected to grow thanks to the launch of LG G5, whose sales have not been posted to within the statistics published by Counterpoint Research as it is not yet available at the time of the survey.

As for Chinese producers, ZTE holds a market share of 6.6%, while Huawei stops at 1%.

Although sales of iPhone if they shouldn’t move too much the current market shares (the sales of the latest smartphone from Apple were not assessed in the analysis), the launch of the iPhone expected 7 and Galaxy 6 Notes could readjust the hierarchies or, vice versa, further consolidate the dominant position of Samsung.