Saint Laurent Spring-Summer

More collections that I still get to see something like this under the name of Saint Laurent. They had the minimum decency to remove the name Yves but Kering brand would have done well to reinvent itself completely with another name in which Hedi Slimane You can continue throwing kisses to their dear Marianne Faithfull 60s with some groupies whose style we continue to see in the Spring-summer 2015.

Slimane at Saint Laurent ready-to-wear could extend the runway to the street and finish the parade wearing at the moment. The trends are once again. Punk debut to this version in short sesentera-based prints, mini-dresses, jackets and dresses with certain airs hippies but keeping the aesthetic rocker.

Missing The Doors, the rolling stones, Hendrix and some of the Jefferson on the stage to say: “this already I’ve seen it”. Come the thousand clones to adapt the collection that gives more ideas to certain brands. The funny thing is that although it hurts to admit it, I liked provided it I forgot to the legacy of the great Yves Saint Laurent and living with your brand. It is the street fashion looking for Paris showcase, goodbye to the high-flying but without saying goodbye to the high figures in the price tag. The concept of Slimane is worthy to admire.

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