Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter: Will Again Be an Empire?

When Hedi Slimane dethroned Stefano Pilati as creative director of (by that then complete) Yves Saint Laurent He began the regular crossing of opinions and dreams. Would enhance the work of the great Italian designer during his 10 years at the head of YSL? Or creative director of until then Dior Homme would pull for free? The change of name of the company was a statement of intent. Goodbye to Pilati tradition to cut root. Goodbye even to the tradition of the French firm. Slimane without brakes. Pain, tears, sobs? In the end only values and we miss the big when they are no longer. At that moment is when they arrive the madremias, memories to Pilati. That moment was the presentation of the collection autumn/winter 2013 / 2014.

The collection of winter 2013 / 2014 is the first to Hedi Slimane presented in public, since its 2013 cruise collection and spring-summer 2013 man showed them in secret, with a secrecy that right now would have averted a glorious thread in the Forum The Fashion Spot where the stake around Hedi Slimane has been caldeadisima and with great moments of humor poisoned. Pilati imagine reading it or rather a François Pinault at the time that you were knowledgeable of his post 53 in the Forbes list. In what moment would choose to Hedi Slimane to “renew” to Yves Saint Laurent (owned by PPR, of course)?

People from The Fashion Spot is very wise and as such deserves to make mention of the glorious comments that have been made on the collection:

It seems as if Hedi Slimane had replaced Marc Jacobs at Marc Jacobs.
Seriously are runway looks? Because they look like photos of street style Hanne Gaby.
Is LMAO this Primark for SLP? It is worse than what I thought it would be.
Hedi Slimane for Topshop?
This is sooo bad that I would not even mind if they escogiesen to Kanye West for the post (of Slimane)!
Hedi is destroying the image of a YSL woman truly sensual, exotic, strong, opulent and vibrant.
Then I am not the only one who remembers Taylor Momsen?
Did Taylor Momsen consult Heidi for this collection?

And it could thus continue selecting compliments at TFS because the thread has 23 pages of scathing attack to Hedi Slimane. Hilarious. The penalty is not be something invented but that it was real. This is not a dream of Resines in ‘Los Serranos’ this is to load a brand in a unique collection. Or rather, get a Loewe bags over the head.

The collection has few qualifications beyond the selected comments. A quick glance debunks any prior idea of thinking that this is Yves Saint Laurent (with all the letters). And even on the basis that we always ask a renewal, a free career by each designer, this does not meet such expectations. Because one thing is to renew a signature as does Christopher Bailey at Burberry Prorsum, or as Christophe Lemaire did in extraordinary way with Lacoste and another is to make this nonsense not suitable from a catwalk as Paris and less for a brand of high quality such as the Yves Saint Laurent.

Let’s talk about fashion grunge, of talk of British-style, city, rich girls punks and with much inner world facing Isabel Coixet while reading Paulo Coelho. Let’s talk about what we want. Neither Saskia de Brauw was pretty with a collection as well. And that the Dutch model has had to defend many designs of Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, so he knows what the uglyism.

I see this parade and a song comes me just to mind. Inside video.

For a long time that it’s over, but it is that there are things that are never forgotten, for a long time that passes.
1582, the Sun was not put in our empire, that phrase I really like.
With the Habsburgs and the Bourbons we lost our possessions.
This has to change, our grandchildren deserve the history will repeat itself several times.
It is regarded as winning the selection, Spain is crushing to Yugoslavia by twenty points up.
It changes the course of evasion, Cuba van direct to Canary Islands, already not going to Florida.
The Mc Donalds are lean, it has beaten the Spanish omelette.
There is no blackjack in Las Vegas, only to play the Cinquillo, and fashion is in red and yellow.
The, the, the, the, lo, will again be an empire.
The, the, the, the, lo, will again be an empire.
The, the, the, the, lo, will again be an empire.
The, the, the, the, lo, will again be…