Ryder Cup Golf Championship

The most prestigious golf tournament in a team is without a doubt the Ryder Cup. This tournament is played every two years between two teams consisting of the best professional golfers in the United States and Europe.


The battle for Ryder Cup was first held in 1927, on American soil, in the city of Worcester. Sponsors of the tournament was the British Brothers Samuel and James Ryder. Samuel Ryder had admittedly small, but made of Gold Cup as a prize. Initially, the tournament was played exclusively by American and British golfers. This remained so until 1969. From 1971 to 1977, starred in the British team also Irish players together. From 1977 the British team won a European team. The first non-British who played for Team Europe were Spaniards Severiano Ballesteros and Antonio Garrido.
The battle for Ryder Cup was from 1927, is held once every two years. The country is also changed every two years. Once in the United States and the subsequent release of a European country. From 1927 until 2001 the tournament was played in odd years. This was a break. During World War II, in 1939, 1941 and 1945 because the event was not organized. In 2001 the tournament was suspended in connection with the terrorist attacks on 11 september 2001 in New York. From 2002 to date, the tournament now being held even years.

Tournament Formula

Both teams consist of 12 players, a coach and four assistant coaches. The match will be played in three days and a total of 28 Parties. The person who won the first 14.5 score thus drag the guard knows the event. In a tie, the Cup at the hands of the team that won the previous edition. Each party is played over 18 holes of Match Play Mode.
Matchplay is a type of game that looked at each hole whose minimum stroke of the hole required. Who will win the corresponding holes. As an example, won the first hole has more than one calls it “one up”. The State, for example, two holes behind, when it is so “two down”. In a tie, talks about “all square”. In this kind of game shape, not every hole is played as a party has an advantage in such a hole, through which the other party is unable to catch up with it, it is fixed and the winner is the party at this time.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

The event always takes place from Friday to Sunday. On Friday, there are four so-called four foursomes and four balls are played.

  • A Foursome is a celebration where both teams two players bet against the two players from the other team to finish the 18 holes. In this case, play two players on the same team with the same ball.
  • A Four Ball is a game where both teams are also using two players, but in this case, each player own separate ball.

Saturday has the same format as Friday, so even then played four foursomes and four 4 balls. On Sunday, played 12 individual parties. Then play all players on that day, a single party.

As of 2012

During the 2012 tournament will be played Sept. 28-30 at the Medinah Country Club in Medinah in the United States.

Team Compositions 2012

Tussenstand 2012: United States:. 13.5 Europe 14.5. Europe WINS Ryder Cup 2012

Results from previous editions