Russian Kettlebell Training History and Benefits

A Kettlebell is originally a Russian training materials.Kettlebells are too?? Balls of Strength? mentioned. It is a stainless steel cast iron ball with a handle. For hundreds of years, used in Russia means that for all types of fitness goals. Originally the Kettlebells were used by elite athletes, now of all who would profit to his or her body.

What is a Kettle?

A Kettlebell is a traditional Russian gjutjärnsvikt like a Cannonball with a handle. Long the secret weapon of Russian Weightlifters and command?? s. the Russians call it?? girya?? , A word that the reference to ‘? scattered about?? still recognizable. The Kettlebells were so popular back in the Russian Empire to strongmen or weightlifter?? gireviks?? was called.
Now, in addition to the traditional black gjutjärnskettlebells also have kettlebells with rubber or vinyl coated Kettlebells. Available in various colors. Often the color corresponds to the weight. The latter two types are much kinder to the floor and make less noise.
Kettle comes in weights of 4?? 50 kg. Depending on the weight Kettle has a diameter of about 15 to 30 cm.
Prices range from around 10 to over 100.

Benefits of Kettle

Developments in the world of sport is currently a little material to improve the coordination of our basic movements, in other words: Back to Basics. The Kettlebell is a pronounced educational materials and relatively cheap. Other benefits of Kettlebell includes improving your fitness level without cardio exercise and a complete workout in less than 20 minutes. Another advantage of kettlebellen is that it is durable, easy to carry and can be used anywhere. Kettlebell exercises are easy to learn for everyone and very versatile.
Kettlebell Work-Out

Applications of Kettle

The Kettlebell is suitable for use by virtually all fitness exercises, but differ in that there are many times more exercises than with traditional weights.
Because the weight of a Kettle falls outside of the handle, in fact, create a lever. The body now needs extra effort and adapt to capture this dynamic during the movement. This is simultaneously the difference with a dumbbell and barbell. You exercise not only strength, but also balance, muscular endurance, general fitness, grip, flexibility, elasticity and posture improvement.
Kettlebells are suitable for muscle hypertrophy training, rehabilitation training, treatment injury and slimming exercises.

Pavel Tsatsouline

In the former Soviet Union given much thought over and experimented with training methods. Sport then closely linked with political significance. The Russian strength guru Pavel Tsatsouline were the one who makes the Kettlebell knew only really known.
Nickname Tsatsouline his “Master of Sports” and “Evil Russian”.
Pavel Tsatsouline?? born August 23, 1969 in Minsk? is a fitness instructor and has been involved in the development of martial arts? ?? . Using kettlebells he trained command?? s and agents of the Russian secret services to develop their aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility.
In the nineties, he began to unlock the secrets to those of Russian strength training Western audience with books like:

  • Power to the people!?!? Russian Strength secrets for every American
  • Enter The Kettlebell!?? Strength Secret of sovjetmänniskor
  • The Russian Kettlebell Challenge
  • From Russia with Tough Love: Pavel’s Kettlebell Workout for a Femme Fatale

Pavel Tsatsouline trained also include United States Marine Corps and the NNSA.
After the fall of the wall blew this way of training behind the iron curtain to the West. Kettlebells have now reached the Netherlands, and now also true? Kettle-Binkies?? are grown.
Below pictures on Tsatsoulines two most famous books.
Power to the people!
Enter The Kettlebell!