Rumor of the Day: iTunes Will Start Selling Music in Brazil in December

The rumor of the arrival of the music store Apple in Brazil, as well as Santa Claus appears every year during a particular time and place many smiles on the daring geeks face by a legal option to purchase an integrated digital content to iOS devices. But unlike the good old man, the rumor appeared for the second time this year, by way of magazine columnist season, Bruno Astute. He says the iTunes Music Store will arrive in Brazil next month.

Despite the awkward text, full of confusing terms and dignified image of an edition là Rafael Silva, columnist warrant that you have a friend in the music industry and says the store arrives in the country in December. And he’s putting the name and reputation of the season magazine that information, so I imagine it has reliable sources and solid information for this rumor.

He says that Apple will start two operations in Brazil: one to coordinate the sale of music in the country and one for the rest of Latin America. Still, claims that “the iTunes store” will have an office based in São Paulo and the Brazilian Maria Bethania is not in the online store Apple songs ( look it here ) should serve to make the information with legs a bit wobbly. In May, the Estado newspaper assured that happen premiere in October, but the date has not materialized.

Still (again), the moment seems to be suitable for this opening. Streaming music services began to advance in Brazil in recent times and so there may be a reckless public for more such services. The question is whether the price charged by Apple will make this investment or the piracy will still be the option more affordable, although little legitimate.

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