Rumor: New Samsung Mobile to Older and Disabled People

Reputed to technology-giant will soon present a new Galaxy, which is designed for the disabled and the elderly.

There is rapid development in the smartphone universe, and the producers propfylder phones with features that only a few years ago it was rocket science.

Features which sometimes takes away from the trendy smartphone that jo had intended to outrank pc world on ease of use.

It would Samsung reportedly to change. They are expected soon to launch Galaxy Core Advance, there is a smartphone specifically for elderly and disabled people. It writes our site.

Modified “low-cost” model
There should therefore be no question of that Samsung wants to maintain the specs from their current Galaxy Core that attach to a price to about 1500 DKK and designated as a “low-end” smartphone.

Of external modifiers should the volume and power on/off button will be visible in the dark, even if it’s not reported, how it should be implemented.

The screen should also get an extra protective layer, which will be resistant to scratches and control by people with disabilities.

Last but not least, then, the Galaxy Core Advance implemented a feature that makes that your phone is able to read text from images taken with smartphone’en.

Rumors is reported also that the is launched right after the new year.