Rosa Cha Beachwear

What was initially just a sports clothing at the hands of the designer Amir Slama, now named Rosa Cha, started to also become one of the largest Brazilian beachwear brands in the industry. The first Pink Tea Shop was opened in 1993 in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and later in the year 1997 started the franchise and the brand could then be found by all the States of Brazil.

With more than 20 shops scattered in national territory, the Rosa Cha has three international shops and is present in more than 450 national and 200 multi-brand scattered around the world, some of these countries are Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea and Germany.

Recently, in 2009, Amir Slama left the Presidency of the brand to devote himself exclusively to the brand created the bit, which takes its name from the designer. This commercial transition, which included the sale of the brand and the output of the creator. That passed the Crown to the acclaimed brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch,, where, from last year, started printing their ideas and valuable subscription in the collections of the brand.

In the SPFW summer 2011, the Rosa Cha presented a swimwear inspired by the fetishist and at the same time sophisticated and feminine boudoir trend, to back up the use of pieces that allude to the universe of lingerie. Namely, bikinis and swimsuits, with little underwear. The style swimwear Pink Tea for summer 2010-2011 come basically in two shades: black and nude. However, combined the unusual stamps, that mixed varied elements, but cheerful and fun.

In addition to many parts in the print plant caladium (this Green Paper with the Red interior, emblazoned on most of the pieces in these pictures) and, as we’re talking fashion-based lingerie collection, of course a lot of transparency – with plenty of details and cuttings – not could miss.

Inventive, swimwear and swim pants 2011 Rosa Cha plays with various types of tissue in order to translate a collection lush via SportingOlogy, sensual and extremely chic. Following the retro line with corselet-based modeling and bikinis “hot pants”-with the bottom larger and high waist. Super luxurious, the collection has many applications of embroidery, Bugle beads, lace and glitter.

If you rely on the newcomer, but already very well criticized, Alexandre Herchcovitch that the exact two seasons, runs the creative direction of the brand, the beach in summer 2011 will be far more temperate and romantic than a long time no see. Sober and super feminine, the collection promises to give the talk, whether upon the sands of the beach or on yachts. And also, to confuse the prying eyes, that if ask: after all, I’m seeing lingerie or bathing suits? Answer: both!