Rock ‘N’ Roll Music for the Wedding Ceremony

If you are curious to know what brides are playing at the wedding ceremony, you can not miss this special playlist made by Coral Del Chiaro

The wedding ceremony is very exciting. She, by herself, already tears tears and sighs from the guests. But of course the instrumental and sung music at the wedding venue make this moment even more sensational and unique, and end up involving the guests. We spoke with the maestro Danillo Ferreira, from Coral Del Chiaro, who separated an unpublished playlist with the most requested songs at each moment of the ceremony .Check it!

  1. Entry of the godparents

This is the moment of the beginning of the ceremony and it demands a slow and marked music.

The Conquest of Paradise

Ravel’s Bolero

Break of Reality-Game of Thrones series theme

UEFA Champions League

  1. Groom’s entrance

Moment of excitement and long awaited, the groom’s entry should come with a song of special significance to him.

Ravel’s Bolero

Rocky Balboa Theme

Clarins of Rome

  1. Bride’s Entry

The bride’s long-awaited entrance not only has a bridal march!

Mendelssohn’s Wedding March

Clarins of Rome


Pomp and Circumstance

  1. Entry of alliances and ladies

The children are a separate attraction in the ceremony and deserve a song that enchants the guests.

Golden Rosemary

Pinocchio Theme-When you wish upon a star (Disney)

Frozen Theme-Let it go (Disney)

Theme Beauty and the Beast

  1. Greetings

Moment of much emotion and tears rolling loose!

How big is my love for you.

All I Ask of You (Phantom of the Opera)

Photograph (Ed Sheeran)

Thousand Years

  1. Output

Moment of happiness and excitement, the departure of the bride and groom is the beginning of the party!

Viva La Vida (Cold Play)

Happy (Pharrell Wiliams)

Without you (David Guetta)

9th Symphony Beethoven

Is not She Lovely

All you need is love

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