Review of Parades in Jezebel

The New York fashion week continues its rhythm, and most famous designers present their collections for next spring-summer before a host of familiar faces and influencers in the world of fashion. It is clear that to Paris and Milan are the most important fashion catwalks of the world for this reason the expectation is maximum. Yesterday the parades took place from J.Crew, Vera Wang Collection, Marc by Marc Jacobs y Narciso Rodriguez and today we reviewed it in Jezebel.

J. Crew

J. Crew stands out as a brand very youthful and colourful. This time could not be less for the collection for the warmest season year-round. Bet on tones combined with dark-blue oranges, keeping the touch sailor that has always accompanied the signing in all his collections. As in most of the collections we also find looks completely White for the upcoming season.

Vera Wang Collection

Vera Wang Collection It presents some very funky clothes, although truly unique fabrics. Clothing patterns are relaxed creating a mixture of different colours and fabrics in each garment rather freely. Thus it creates oversize items and with silhouettes with a certain complexity. I bet the yellow, black and blue color and decoration stones in some evening dresses.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs It proposes a very sporting and simple clothes. The younger side of Marc Jacobs can see evident in this collection. Color Blue It seems that it becomes his best friend as we find it in pants, skirts and blouses. Almost all the looks accompanied by white, black, or blue sneakers. The prints in shades of black, blue and coral cakes also are missing in monkeys and others fun clothing designer presents.

Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriquez, true to his style presents a collection with very straight and pure lines. We do not find too many prints, only some Brocade making an effect of natural stone in some dresses. The dresses are made up of different fabrics, almost all of them are placed in triangulation, thus creating a very interesting silhouette. We can characterize it as a collection full of tissues within a same dress. As almost all the designers also bets for the Black for next summer.