Revealed The Samsung Galaxy S II for Us (Updated)

We take time with related news with Samsung and its landing in the U.S. with the Galaxy S II, but also with rumors of the different versions requested by the operators, so common in that country, whose objective is to materialize in their respective clienteles.
Few hours ago it has Filtering What will be the advertising that used Samsung with operators T-Mobile, Sprint and AT & T to start marketing this terminal, being at the forefront of the rest of Android terminals carrying sold over 6 million units worldwide.

As you can see in the image, the Galaxy S II It would be very similar to the international version, but telling him Goodbye to the Start button, that so much controversy you have generated with Apple on the issue of war of patent and design. You can also see that have rounded corners much more, especially in the T-Mobile version. These changes and the Elimination of the button have surely been a request for U.S. carriers, to avoid being in the midst of this dirty war once it has begun marketing through its territory.

It seems that the inclusion was also expected of Verizon in this landing/presentation, but finally they have pushed back distancing itself from the rest. The official announcement and kick off will occur on Tuesday August 30.

UPDATE: Via our site we can see more detailed photos of how the version of this Samsung Galaxy S II requested by Sprint. It must be clarified that it is quite possible that each company may require its own changes to differentiate themselves from the rest, as well as change the final name, very common practice in the U.S. phone market.