Retail Check-Jupiter Hornsgatan

Today’s Retail Check Back And Today We Take Us To Södermalm In Stockholm And, More Specifically, Jupiter On Hornsgatan. A Shop With A Relaxed Feel, Excellent Service And Impressive Range.Casual Choices In The Form Of Jeans, Sneakers And Functional Garments Combined With Italian Clothing. With Brands Such As Lardini, L.B. M, Tombolini And Buttero Shows You Not Only A Wide Range But Also Great Sensitivity.

We got us a chat with Mattias Abhi_dotp, Deputy store manager and buyer for the store on hornsgatan.

Hello Mattias, the product of the autumn collections from you is your personal favorite?

An unlined ullrock from Lardini is currently at the top of the list, but there are very very nicely right now. But with a somewhat unhealthy interest in clothes, turn it quickly. Had you asked me a month ago had the answer been something else.

What Is Your Philosophy When You Select Brands, Clothing And Products To The Respective Seasons?

The last few seasons we have become much more honest in what we buy, both for ourselves and the customer. We don’t think about it, we don’t buy into the product. It is not as obvious as you could wish for, or believe as many buyers dare not break the ingrained patterns. Man stuck in the same old Groove without stopping or thought. We want to be able to show something up every season and from each commodity group that actually get our visitors to hajja to, respond to, or ask questions about. Then we develop and our customers.

The big difference between the seasons is that spring is always a little more laissez-faire happy and free, while the fall will be more serious and more heavily in its expression in both colors feel and in the choice of materials. But sometimes you wonder, we’ve hardly seen spring in Stockholm for a few years now. It is rather that we had two fall seasons.

P On The Way, Do You Like To Shop At Hornsgatan Differs From Jupiter Sturegallerian Or Norrlandsgatan?

More recently, I would say that all three stores received a clearer identity. where hornsgatan become a little more casual in our selection. We are not nearly as heavy on clothing as Sturegallerian and on Norrlandsgatan but we compensate by being a little more experimental and trying to play more in other product groups and with brands.  

How Would You Say That Your Typical Customer Look Like?

We have far more visitors aged 25-35 than before.
Much due to the assortment changed quite a lot in my years at hornsgatan but our range of otherwise what beträffa age, style and taste is very wide which is skitskoj. Another exciting development is that the customer possesses far more knowledge than for 3-4 years since making the dialogue between us and the visitor will be more rewarding for both parties.

What Is The Most Important Council You Can Give To Customers When It Comes To Building Their Wardrobe?

Start with the basics, white shirts, sensible shoes and common sense, as well as to dress you for your body. If you are not genuinely interested so maybe you might not run after the latest trends, it often becomes damn wrong then. At the same time, we must of course dare to try new things when it should be fun to buy clothes and they’ll bring you something. Search for more at