Renew Your Bath Room and Forget the Rubble

When a few years ago we saw in some magazine of decoration or American film those lofts New York endless ceiling, informal aesthetic and materials in sight, seemed almost impossible to move those ‘trends’ to ‘real life’. However, nothing further from reality! Decoration can be treated as an art, to the extent that catch and inspired by different cultures and trends that allow it every day are left to be much more open and versatile.

Thus, in recent years, we could say that there has been a ‘revolution’ of the construction materials, which have set aside their structural utility to become partly protagonist of the aesthetics of a home. We talk about walls of brick, pipes uncovered, beamed ceilings, concrete floors and star combination of what we could define as industrial-style: metal and wood.

In this way, as a response to this revolution emerges a material that offers us many possibilities. We talked about the microcemento, a cladding formed from cement, aggregates and synthetic resins , with which we can meet both ceilings and floors and walls, even on top of already existing materials.

What advantages do offer us this type of material?

1 is a material that offers a great resistance and durability, provided we resort to a product of quality and guarantees, as in the case of microcemento Topciment.

2 it guarantees a continuous aesthetic, without cracks or joints, due to the perfect balance between hardness and flexibility that gives this type of material.

3. your installation prevents the production of any type of debris, since due to its high adhesion and its low thickness can be covered, for example, tiles from a wall of bathroom or kitchen without chopping the previous material.

4 apply microcemento in different types of materials, either terrazzo, marble, gypsum, plasterboard, tiles, mortar… even on underfloor heating!

5. in the same way, its versatility takes you to cover both open and closed spaces.

6 we can find microcements of different textures and different levels of non-slip, for when we are talking about soil.

7. with regard to cleaning, is sufficient with water and neutral SOAP maintenance. In addition, each time we apply waxes diluted in water.

8. with regard to finishes, in companies like Topciment we como Topciment nos proponen propose a huge variety of colors.

Thus, looking at the characteristics of this product and finish the same aesthetic, the microcemento may be the solution that we were expecting for reform the walls of the bathroom tiles. And it is that, generally, some of the questions that often us stop to begin the reform of the bathroom, especially when we talk about finishes, are dirt, time and the production of debris, questions to see resolved with the use of the microcement.

However, can that in thinking about this material, it costs us imagine a bathroom warm and comfortable, but quite the contrary! With details and appropriate elements, we can achieve our dreams, bath and all under that New York industrial aesthetic that we like. Do you think if we see a little inspiration?

Along with the walls of microcemento, we can also find sinks or bathtubs of the same material. However, in this case it is important to note that it is not a waterproof material, and why it is necessary to apply a sealer to finish the work.

On the other hand, to counter that finished ‘cold’ and dark that it can provide a material like cement, the best material that we can use is timber. Thus, floating basins are perfect in this type of bath.

In the same way, we can combine the walls of microcemento with wooden floors or, in the case of the private bathroom, with finishing materials that imitate wood, as it is the case of the ceramic, the self-adhesive vinyl…

We can also provide some resource decorative as wooden stairs on the wall and used as a towel rail. The result is much more inviting!

But when it comes to bring warmth to a space, nothing like the plants to fulfill this function. That Yes, it is a wet area, must take into account the conditions in which you will find before choosing the species.

On the other hand, for lighting, although the bathrooms typically resort to the Recessed spotlights, this time we will be guided by the decoration, making use of one of the most popular trends, bulbs hanging with cables in sight. It will be great with the aesthetics of the microcemento!

Finally, the metal is other materials that combine perfectly with the industrial style, especially when it comes to models like this that seem to leave the pipes at the sight and keep somewhat aged with a color close to the oxide.

If you like this aesthetic for your bathroom, take a look at the website of Topciment, who offers coatings of microcemento quality and with all the guarantees to make your bathroom reform a success.

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