Quartz or Automatic Watches?


In most of the cases are somewhat cheaper than the automatic watches quartz watches. The price of the watches of quartz is of 50 euros for above im Preis. Automatic watches are more expensive, but generally also have mechanisms of higher quality.

Gear precision

On this issue, we must say that quartz watches has a minimum deviation. Watches instead fail this precision. What is important is how and where the clocks are kept. It is no coincidence that there are boxes rotor for automatic watches.

Useful life

In what is refers to the comings and goings of the day to day, the watches of quartz can tell that feature with a light advantage on them watches automatic. Automatic watches are more delicate because their mechanisms are the result of a meticulous and arduous work of settings, which does not occur in quartz watches. Since quartz watches work in digital way, i.e. that parts of mechanical performance in them are not, do not give practically stick. Mechanical watches are however another story…


Now is when the subject becomes subjective. Quartz watches can be elegant, now well, watches take them advantage in this area. Automatic watches are capable of dazzling complexity and refinement of its mechanisms. In our view, the absolute winner on Localtimezone.org.


Quartz watches batteries lasts average about two a & ntilde; os. The expenditure is therefore acceptable, about four euros cost a stack as a general rule. In the case of watches, we can dispense with fully a stack, given that the same movement of the mu & ntilde; RCT typically generates the impetus to keep the clock running.

Cost of the repair

Also in this regard are watches in head. The purchase price of the automatic watches is higher, but in the case of having to repair them, it is worth in the majority of cases. In the case of quartz watches, the cost of repair in many cases exceeds the own purchase price of the clock.

How does it work?

Quartz watches use quartz crystals produced artificially rather than using a mechanical movement. Crystals vibrate with electricity generated by the battery. Vibrations are transmitted to the motor of the clock who takes care that the needles move at the right pace. The deviation of March in quartz watches is situated media in 0.02 seconds per month…

Automatic watches work through springs. The pace, unlike in quartz watches, is generated through a mechanical complex and not through crystals. The deviation of an automatic clock always depends on the type of mechanics who leads, but without doubt, it is almost always greater than quartz watches that are.

And finally

As always: for tastes the colors are. Alles Geschmackssache. Quartz watches are often used more every day. On the other hand, automatic watches are objects of great prestige that increasingly more and more followers. Unlike conventional quartz watches, automatic watches are often understood as an investment.