Qualcomm Will Compete with Apple

The American Qualcomm will now be part of the technology that can give iOS users an enhanced customer experience in shops, cafes and the like.

Apple presented the update of their new operating system iOS 7, with support for the new iBeacon technology, who speaks with the devices over Bluetooth.

Tech-giant has also plans to establish iBeacons in Apple Stores, which must provide customers with an even better experience.

Qualcomm will have part in the cake
Now the company, which is in fact just a come with a smartwatch, presented their new “Gimbal” spatial sensors that can talk together with Apple’s mobile devices. It writes our site.

Gimbal sensors supports so iOS from the start, and the company is even ready with the SDK (Software Development Kit), which will be used to implement functionality in apps.

According to the announcements so comes the new sensors in 2 different sizes, both of which can judge distance down to approx. 30 cm.

The price is also well placed, even when it is reported that there is talk about 5 dollars for the small and $ 10 for the model above.

Gimbal sensors will for the end user could not be separated from Apple’s iBeacon technology.

However, iBeacon however, the advantage of being a part of the iOS device that can be used as a sensor, and as Apple has plans for their own Apple Stores.