PTZ Camera Functions

What are PTZ Cameras for Surveillance?

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras are high-speed analog CCTV cameras . Typical of them is that motion carried by two axes-Pan- horizontally (mostly 360˚), Tilt-vertically (from 0 to 90˚) and Zoom- optical zoom of the observed object. The increase can be up to 12, 22, 36 or more times, depending on the capabilities of the particular chamber.

What are the pros of PTZ cameras?

Biggest plus of Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras is their level of efficiency. In practice, such a camera can cover the functions of three and even more surveillance cameras, which the system becomes more efficient, but also much cheaper. It does not ignore the fact that this type of camera you will not have to gird themselves with cables the room and decorate it like a Christmas tree.

PTZ cameras can capture both bright light and at dusk or in absolute darkness as long as you have an infrared illumination. Great advantage is you do not have to manage them manually because they have a motion detector that directs them to the area where registered activity. Scale-up capability of this type of camera allows you to focus on the smallest details, such persons, the number of vehicles, specific movements and objects.

Where it is most needed PTZ camera?

Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras are most needed in areas where it is important to cover a wide area surveillance and at the same time if needed, should focus on a small area with the possibility of optical magnification of the image at times.These are mostly commercial sites where monitoring is done to prevent and identify theft and other irregularities.

Another object of detailed video surveillance officers in whose hands we entrust their business. Whether it is a manufacturing enterprise, commercial establishment or office, the ability to focus on a troubled employee or action enables us not only to identify, but even to prevent crime.

When should I get a PTZ video cameras?

When it becomes clear that other methods of security are inefficient or too expensive. Living guard is probably the best analogue of detailed monitoring of large perimeter of the room, but it is also the most expensive solution. Instead of hiring a guard to his shop or night watchmen to guard your property (sometimes at the risk of life) is much more effective and accessible to install a video security system with rotary analog cameras.

Why use PTZ cameras for surveillance?

If you anyway are determined to implement video surveillance in its commercial property, home, store or office is better to choose PTZ cameras as they will provide us with much better quality monitoring site, which is important to us. The possibility of fewer cameras to cover the entire guarded area and at the same time to increase at times the picture if necessary, make this system one of the most advanced to date.

PTZ video cameras are an excellent solution for monitoring outdoor and indoor, and for security guard. With them, saving resources and the wiring is greatly reduced, thereby connecting to the VCR. Generally they can be used anywhere and anytime, especially if the goal is to obtain quality CCTV.