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Hello friends!

Good-bye March this month as beater and that we both like because it begins to smell spring and we have meet in the study. We bring you one of our projects that, although it is ugly to that we say, was yummy!

We met Maria in one of our presentations of Actuaupm, and from the first moment she it was clear that he wanted to help with your bedroom bath: bath construction company that had nightmares every night, and in fact not used by hobby who had typical. Often we are not aware of what may condition us a space in our day to day…

Nice bath construction company

And many will think, Hey, but if it is not so bad! We are in agreement, but they did not feel identified with that bathroom, it wasn’t his style. So we got ourselves down to the work, and began to raise a moodboard of ideas according to the style that they liked: minimalist black and white.

moodboard of ideas

With respect to the distribution, they had it pretty clear: a large shower where he was the bath, toilet located where was the lavatory and a sink with a large countertop and furniture from wall to wall at the other end. With these premises we were shaping the final distribution, delimiting the two main strips through the roof.

In addition Mary and Rober are fans of hidden things, so we were carving the partitions to find a space to each thing: the hollow of the basket of clothes, another for the paper roll holder, brush and trash, and of course, shelves for all gels, shampoos, body milks and Korean masks we have all in the shower area. This game with the partition also allowed us to make a small Bank and a mini-garden zen with pebbles and bamboo. Perfect to relax after a hard day of work;)

And to emphasize the relaxing atmosphere of the shower we apply the colour therapy using a RGB LED at the ends of the shower (that we like in emmme a crossed!) The result was, in a nutshell:


This type of lighting has a remote control – it is normal to be infrared, but to leave driver in the ceiling we chose one for radio – with which we can change the color, the intensity of the light and put some modes (of dubious taste, everything to be said) type disco if you come top in the shower and possess you the spirit of Beyoncé.

In the area of the basin, Mary and Rober sought a style that is modern and minimalist; loved them photos of Pinterest of washstands and furniture flown from wall to wall, with large mirrors. So along with the game of white – black (anthracite grey, really) propose a countertop 1.88 m (there’s nothing!) with basin integrated Zeus white Silestone, finish Suede, which also has a towel bar in front, very practical for hand towel.

Below, but separated about 15 cm, with three drawers grey high furniture (apparently, because inside has more) complete this composition of simple and clean lines.

Oh, and the lighting, how important is! I have spoken of the crossed with light RGB shower area, but it is not there the thing. Retroiluminamos the great mirror of the basin area to create a direct to the face, but soft and warm, perfect light for when we wake up and we are still with the crust in the eyes. But we needed a general lighting as God intended, so we use the ceiling to place each recessed LED. And the finishing touch is for the nice glass lamp that we put in the high ceiling area, perfect for general lighting throughout the bathroom.

Up to here a short, little summary, this project that we enjoy so much. Mary and Rober are a great couple who trusted us 100% and it shows in the result. What do you you think?

Happy weekend and good entry in April!

the emmme team
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