Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer

Already 10 years we enjoy the parades and garments Lázaro Hernández and Jack McCollough, or Proenza Schouler, and yet their parade remains one of the most anticipated of the New York fashion week. In the collection of yesterday, they returned to show are a few artisans design garments inspired by the 1990s and the oriental culture.

Proenza Schouler seem to embrace the trend of 1990 (in his own way) for this collection spring-summer 2014. In terms of the thirty-three looks that make up the collection, one can see that Jack McCollough and Lázaro Hernández are inspired by various movements, they themselves appoint you as influences the artists Sergio Rodrigues, Robert Ryman, and Piero Manzoni, but that stands out most is the oriental aesthetic, long tunics paired with loose trousers, skirts adorned with pleats in shades of gold and silver, and apparel went two tone with the same pleated effect.

The ankles are still the main characters. We have seen this season, and we will continue seeing them in the next spring-summer 2014. Da same as skirts or trousers, length will not reach the feet. and look also at the number of crop-tops that we see on the catwalk, it seems that either we get rid of them.

The unique patterns that we saw in the parade were a accidental juxtaposition of lines and splashes in black and white that he crowded total looks or tops combined with smooth garments. This pattern is not the first time we see him in garments from Proenza boys, already used it in pants that designed in collaboration with J Brand.

Creases, which they began to explore in its last Resort collection, them we could see in casual dresses and receive treatment of Haute Couture to merge with narrow strips of silver, and bronze at the end of the parade paper.

In short, a collection in its share of very commercial and contemporary day and a few easy-to-carry night at the end of the parade costumes and spectacular, I’m sure, few will resist wore one of the Proenza Schouler dress for his appearances on the red carpet.