Priests and Paladiner Used Supposedly in the Hunt for Terrorists.

The intelligence service NSA accused of espionage of popular computer games.

The U.S. intelligence service NSA, whose mission is to monitor communications, has recently been in the limelight, particularly with the major tech giants.

Now should the NSA reportedly have monitored online game network, by using professional agents as players. It writes our site.

Play to solicit Members
Among popular game network include “Xbox Live”, “World of Warcraft” and also “Second Life”

One can fear to living terrorists among us, given that our generation has embraced the world of Azeroth.

“If it’s that påståes has taken place, it is under no circumstances happened with our approval,” says spokesman for Microsoft to Engadget.

Immediately, there is no real argument for why the NSA and other similar bodies should feel the need to spy on the network that takes advantage of the game.

However, it is reported that the games might be used as a kommunikationplads for terrorism.
If there is anything about the case the time will perhaps show.