Power Head Nap Pillow

Pillow to sleep should be soft, but not be too soft, stable but not too tight, cozy and beautiful.

All this is actually not that difficult to meet. The right size would also be good.

But if we are honest times-when we are really tired (for example, just before an unplanned nap) it does almost everything as a pillow. But only almost!

The main thing you can put his head reasonably comfortably on it.

Lest you get embarrassed having to crumple your sweater to cushion together I make at this point some of my favorite current pillow collection of Bloomingville, Hay, Muuto and Broste Copenhagen before.

Cushion is Not The Same Pad

Whether pillows in pale pink, blue, beige, gray, light blue, black and white, linen or velvet-important is simply that you can see the pillow and think: Yes, because the lids are difficult for me and I want to snuggle up immediately on it!

Just as in this bank and the cushion of Broste Copenhagen.

Whether Rosé, dusty pink or copper-the pillows give the combination of patterns and colors the same feel as the Princess and the Pea to be embedded and make me once tired.

But the beauty of a particularly cozy cushion is not as many think falling asleep-but a very happy awakening. First one then has no stiff neck, but is relaxed and rested.

Pillows made of natural materials such as cotton and linen even Furthermore, ensure that the hairs are good.

Pillow To Sleep

Namely, it is unfortunately just embarrassing when we wake up from a nap and everyone around us based our hairstyle knows-Polyester Cushion covers provide flying and protruding hairs that you can not get under control with a wet comb.

Decorative Pillow Cases

Admittedly, pillows are not only the cushioning during nap for Netflix shows or a game of “I rest just my eyes out” at the desk-no they also see even class from as Pillow-finally I have only the most beautiful retrieved, make it even for the not unimportant Dekofaktor.

Thanks to decorative pillowcases from ePillowcases.com, crisp colors and unusual patterns you can namely except an extra chunk of coziness even color in your home , office or even bring the car.

These pads make a good figure and I myself also always go for a walk at least a cushion-ultimately you never know when you will spontaneously get tired.

To find the right pillow to sleep, you should note their following tips:

A new pillow is the best place in the morning, because you after work is tired at night anyway and is held every cushy pillows.

I know what I’m talking-I bought my mattress for my very tiring move and can only say that I had any good results!

Most people sleep better on smaller cushion than the standard 80 x 80 centimeters in size pillows.

These are namely too bulky and generally ensure that our spine is not straight, but our head is increased and the cervical vertebrae bend.

Nevertheless, most people rely on this pad format, simply because the common bedding in Germany come with references in this size.

But due to excessive pillows our sleep is restless and we feel less relaxed. just for back sleepers–to choose flatter pads which are often too small it is better.

You do not want renounce normal sized pillow? A little trick: Simply choose a pillow whose ticking is provided with a zipper. So you can remove excess filler.

Wash Pillow to Sleep Regularly

I grab excess filling material from new pillow aside. Finally, the pillows should be washed every three months, or cleaned and lose most of abundance. Then you can refill anything.

If you want to wash the pillow itself, this is in connection with three tennis balls in the dryer-thus they are nice and fluffy again. And that’s what we want: pillows that are nice and fluffy!