Popular Garden Furniture

Garden furniture: bench and coffee table
Whether simple or sophisticated, the garden furniture made of pallets is very trendy!
Easy to design and manufacturing, you must follow the stages of design and construction to achieve pretend your furniture in the rules of art. Possible creations are numerous and often very accessible:

  • Benches: With or without back, just a few pallets to create your bench. You can either opt for benches made of pallets piled on top of each other or use an entire pallet placed on the dice and soles of two other previously isolated pallets. Then you will set them the way you want: special glue wood screws … The trick is not to exceed the seat height of 45 centimeters for optimal comfort. If you want to integrate a file to your bench, you have the option of attaching it to the seat with a chain fixed beforehand, or create a system of reinforcements at the back of your seat or even attach directly to the back.The whole is to use the set of your paddle to avoid burdening the structure.

Furniture Palette AJS

  • Coffee tables: The principle is the same as for the creation of a bench. You must select your palettes and then set the one over the other. The finishes are dependent on your perfectionism. Either you choose a coffee table laid on the ground or you integrate smoothly with your furniture to make it more convenient. The upper part can also be covered with a glass plate or left as is.

Tip: Do not skimp on the decor elements! Add color to your furniture with dishes and bright spring colors on your table or comfortable cushions on your bed!

A planter on the ground
The concept is simple! The key is to select your plants well so as to offer a palette of complementary colors.

Several options are available to you to have your plants:

  • The creation of a frameworkto retain land your pallet laid on the ground. It will not include background and will be covered on its periphery nonwoven felt to isolate the wood of the earth. Even if you have the opportunity to incorporate plants of various sizes, better opt for smaller varieties for a given purpose. You can then integrate your buckets into the interstices of your palette for a successful result.
  • The mix of containers from 1 to 3 liters, integrated through a circle slightly larger than the diameter of your container sawn in your palette. The voids can be filled with low waist plants that you have previously placed in small boxes of 10 centimeters in height.

A green wall
The very bold idea will enhance your space and arouse the admiration of your guests.
Enjoy the interstices of your palette to include your plants and recreate a system capable of containing plant substrate, the same as a classical planter. To do this, you simply replace the rear of your palette (soles sets / Central dice) with a full board in raw wood. Then insert the non-woven felt, which will isolate the wood from the land and allow runoff water to drain. You can fill your palette with your planting medium and insert your bucket.Just think of previously cut the geotextile to place them within the palette.

Tip: Be sure to choose a palette with sufficiently wide gaps to accommodate your plants (8 to 10 centimeters side).


A raised planter
The advantage in creating such a garden is its ability to offer a bit of garden accessible to people with reduced mobility. Simply retrieve the slats of your palette and assemble them. The stand can be done about it with the whole sole / dice for stability.
The method to dress inside your garden is the same: geotextile plant substrate … Remember to leave a space bottom to promote drainage of the soil mix.

Paints or pastels
For painters, the pallet is an excellent medium for their art!
Check all the same before starting your work to have a paddle in good condition, smooth and dry enough not to drink one treats the paint you apply. Once the painting is complete, choose the location appropriate for display in your garden.
Be sure to create a context for him to tell a story. This will give more meaning to your space!

Tip: If you choose a pastel drawing, choose the pastel, which will age better on your palette. And above all, place your table sheltered from the rain and wind, to keep as long as possible!

Animals … wood!
This pallet recycling idea will delight young and old! Besides being a workshop to achieve with your children, it truly will give life to your garden. A path lined with our animal friends would be welcome to brighten your landscape and guide your steps!
The only requirement: use palettes, the upper part is not perforated.