Polka Dots Fashion

The trend very happy autumn / winter 2012 taste a bit ‘vintage that will give a little’ zing even the most sober outfit.

You know, everything comes back into fashion, it starts all over but just talking about fashion Sixties and Eighties, today I am here to tell you about the prominence of the ’50s. It’ s time to put a point. Or more than one.

Immediately after the number one trend this year, or the studs, they are here: POIS! Fresh, cheerful and chic! So good at rocking look with leather biker and biker boots but only if alternating outfit “dot”. A small assoggio we had given Stella McCartney in his autumn-winter collection last year ticking polka dots on the fabric of blouses, suits with yoke and clothes from super diva. For this winter season, however, the designers were taken from vintage inspirations and polka dots with a retro flavor, micro and macro, printed or applied, can be inserted or mixed with contemporary clothes and accessories.
But the dots are a fantasy exclusive of the warm season? No! Or rather … no more! The memories lead us to associate this plot to pin up shorts with high waist and red bows in their hair resting at antique car in purely summer amosfere. Who does not then recalls the feminine, seductive and naive Marilyn Monroe with her ​​parasol polka dots in “the Seven Year Itch”? But the walkways they debunk a myth, again.

But be careful! The dots are not very easy to wear. It is difficult in fact to risk having the upholstery effect (the 60s for Localbusinessexplorer.com) if you overdo it. Whatever you choose, a dress, a pair of shoes, an accessory is good that the abbiniate to another head of one color. The classic black and white combination, or any other combination of colors, in fact, wants absolutely plain.

Absolutely FORBIDDEN then match the dots to another fantasy! So, no lace, lace, stripes and least of all the beloved studs.
If you would rather give a bon ton allure to your outfit my advice is to combine polka dots, bows and small hearts. A blush pink cardigan with heart buttons on a slightly full skirt, tights with polka dots ( Calzedonia has proposed a couple who went sold out after only a few weeks so that they must be put back into production for the substantial demands) and suede brogues and believe me … you can go everywhere! Seeing is believing!