Poland and Ukraine Euro 2012

From 8 June to 1 July 2012, 2012 will be the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine. It is the 14th time the tournament is held, and the third time is hosted by two countries.

The European Championships in 2012

On April 18, 2007, Ukraine and Poland have been abandoned along EM. This went into the final in Cardiff, Wales, at the expense of Italy, Croatia and Hungary-the combined.
The two host Nations automatically qualified for the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP, for the remaining 14 places played 51 countries that are members of UEFA’s qualifying tournament. This exam took place between September 2010 and november 2011. For the last time EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP will be played in 16 countries. From 2016, there will be as many as 24 countries participate in the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS, which this year will be hosted by France.

Course in tournament

EM begins with four groups each of four countries. Each group goes to the top two countries in the next round, quarter-finals. In the quarter-finals and semi-finals more two and two countries will compete against each other. The winner goes on to the next round, is loser turned off immediately. Reduced to two countries, who will play the final on 1 July 2012 on Kiev’s Olympic Stadium Stadium in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.


Slavek and Slavko Euro 2012 has two mascots, Slavek and Slavko. They are both dressed in the colors of one of the two host countries. Slavek wearing the national colors of Poland and Slavko wearing Romanian colours. Their numbers are 20 and 12, referring to the year 2012. The dolls are young guys, specially chosen to convey the youthfulness and dynamism of the two countries.
Slavek and Slavko was elected by a vote on the Internet. More than 20,000 people have voted on the uefa.com website. With 56% of the vote to finish Slavek and Slavko Siemko and Strimko well over Klemek and Ladko and.


Semi finals